Brendolyn Marie

Whitney Wolfe Founder of Bumble

     The metoo movement has been trending on dating sites that have seen companies emulate Bumble move to give female users the ability to make the first move in this sites. The feature will have recently launched on tinder will see women initiate conversations when there is an active match. Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder of Tinder, but she left the company to start a dating company called bumble. Bumble is an application that does not allow men to initiate a move to the match, and there is no response from the female the match will expire.

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO, and founder of Bumble was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whitney started out being an entrepreneur in her early stage in her life while she was a student at Southern Methodist University. Whitney started selling bamboo tote bags to help victims of an oil spill accident.

Bumble has recently launched a new platform aimed at advancing careers called Bumble Biz to assist in networking. The platform which is structured to approach in a women-focused way is active in United States of America, Canada, UK, and Germany. Bumble Bizz is part of Bumble app and will be able to function as the original bumble, and Bumble friend focused side, the BFF. The users will then be allowed to network their business and enable users to upload their resume, verified photos, skill segment and an example of their previous work.

Bumble Bizz has similar comparisons to LinkedIn, but the primary focus of the company networking and mentoring, unlike LinkedIn which has its focus on searching and recruiting. Bumble will also have the HR team on the app, and the company has been committed to hiring ten people they will discover in the app.

BFF is another mode found on the Bumble app launched in 2016 that helps users to look for a best friend. The mode allows the user to manage different profiles for the modes that are available in the app such that there no accidents that occur. The user interface of the Bumble Bizz is similar to Bumble with the Bumble Bizz logo to distinguish it from the main application.