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Tony Petrello Offers His Support To Hurricane Harvey Victims

There are very many companies in the US. Most of them are doing well, and some have even managed to open branches in various parts of the globe. Despite the success of these institutions, very few will take care of the communities around them.These companies only focus on making money and becoming giants in the competitive market.

Last year, people living in Houston and the neighboring areas were stricken by a natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey destroyed homes and properties belonging to the local communities. Most of the streets in the city were flooded, making supplies scarce. The demand for the necessities such as food was very high when the disaster happened. Few prominent companies in the area stepped up so that they could help the locals. Nabors Industries was one of these companies.

Nabors Industries is a drilling company that has done very well since it was founded many years ago. On a good day, the people working at Nabors can be found near their firm eating their favorite meal or working out at the fitness center. Sometimes, however, they take part in fundraisers, community projects, and other special events. Nabors Industries likes giving back to the community, and this is a culture that was established many years ago. The chief executive officer of the institution, Tony Petrello is very passionate about philanthropy.

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When Hurricane Harvey took place several months ago, Tony Petrello and his employees chose to take some time off work so that they could assist with the relief activities. Tony Petrello says that his employees went in the areas they were needed. The company management was very excited about the workers, and this is why they chose to give them paid time off. According to Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries managed to provide $ 173,622 in donations.

Wealthy people in the oil industry are believed to be corrupt and inhumane. For Tony Petrello, the case is very different. The businessman has done a lot for the people living in Texas and other parts of the globe. The greatest beneficiaries of his philanthropies are young children living with incurable diseases.The businessman and his wife have donated vast sums of money for medical research and treatment to young children. In a recent interview, Tony Petrello says that his life got a different meaning when his daughter was born with complications eight years ago. The young girl motivates the businessman to help parents in all parts of the world.

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