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The Lung Institute Treats Common Chronic Diseases With Confidence

According the American Lung Association, more than 11 million people in the US are now living with the terrible disease COPD. Each year, this disease causes more than 150,000 deaths. The causes have been linked to the inhalation of certain chemicals through poor life choices, or occupational environments. The Lung Institute is one of the leading research facilities now implementing stem cell treatment to prevent premature death caused by COPD.

COPD is a condition that gets worse over time because it reduces normal lung function, while prompting the entire body to literally shut down. The tiny air sacs in the lungs responsible for exchanging good and waste gases become weak and break down. As this happens, mucous builds up in the lungs, which further reduce the ability of these air sacs to expand and contract.

The Lung Institute’s proven techniques of using a patient’s own autologous bone marrow and blood cells literally cause the body to rebuild tissues in the lungs that can manage, or reverse damage caused by COPD. This is light years beyond the general medical field’s assumption that COPD is a diagnosis for a permanently poor quality of life.

The most significant aspect of the Lung Institute’s approach to stem cell therapies ( is specialized care based on a patient’s personal history. Achieving success with treatment of this sort cannot be accomplished through a “cookie cutter” approach. According to, a person could have received damaged lungs through chemical exposure, radiation, harmful work-related particulate inhalation, smoking, or a host of other reasons. While the principles behind COPD stem cell therapy are related, the ways that they are utilized are determined by the needs of individuals. This is the primary factor separating the amazing work of the Lung Institute from other facilities. Visit the website at , for more information.

With stem cell therapy, the medical world is quickly changing its classification of diseases like COPD. With techniques that allow the body to literally regenerate key tissues, the assumptions commonly paired with certain chronic problems are being dismissed to the benefit of all.

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  1. When you get to know about some of this health challenges, there is that fear in the public domain and the call to put in more effort in addressing these issues. According to the good news is that they have found a way of making the use of quality research in combating the issue through the lung therapy.

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