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The Goodgame Effect: Ken Goodgame Makes His Employers Millions Of Dollars

Ken Goodgame has spent 30 years involved in retail merchandising, marketing and sales and he is very good at it. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in marketing, Goodgame has worked his way up from the sales floor to the executive suite. Along the way he has made millions for the companies with which he has worked. He has also trained the companies’ sales staff and put deals in place that will have them prospering for years after he has left the company. It’s the Goodgame Effect. When you hire Kenneth Goodgame you get a force of nature that makes your company prosper.

His first job was with Home Depot as Hardlines product merchant for gardening for the Southeast region. By the time he left 8 years later he was Senior Global Product Merchant and had made the company millions. Next he went to Rubbermaid to become president and general manager of their cleaning division. He turned the division around, signed Wal-Mart to a $30 million are year deal and negotiated the largest licensing deal they ever had. Within 5 years he was vice president of marketing for the cleaning division’s parent company Newell Rubbermaid.

Goodgame’s move to Techtronic Industries North America’s Baja Motorsports had the same type of impact. He restructured the division, instituted new compliance procedures, created a customer service-focused culture, helped generate millions in sales and delivered the first profitable year the company had since Techtronic Industries had acquired Baja Sports. When he took the position as Ace Hardware’s general merchandising manager he increased their sales by more than $170 million before leaving to work at True Value Corporation as a wildly successful senior vice president and chief merchandising officer.

Ken Goodgame has a track record of success wherever he has gone. He’s helped swell the coffers of many internationally-known and respected companies.  Goodgame is an acknowledged ‘rainmaker’. A man able to prosperity rain down on your company.

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