Brendolyn Marie

The Fight For Fairness

People who want fairness have to fight for it. There are many people who are willfully violating the rights of others. There are also companies that are abusing their power. This is especially true when it comes to finances. A lot of companies are doing underhanded tricks in order to cover their tracks. This has been revealed when the economy has fallen to pieces. There have been a revelation of businesses and institutions that have been involved in unethical actions towards their clients. As a result, the clients have been left cheated out of what belonged to them. The compliance officers have revealed a lot of the unethical acts and have enforced rules on the company.


The exposure of the institutions involved in such acts was lead by Helane Morrison. She is someone who is very passionate about justice and fairness. When she sees institutions and corporations acting dishonestly, it concerns her. For one thing, it is a disgusting thing when corporations engage in dirty underhanded tricks against their clients. For one thing, the clients have trusted them enough to do business with them. The institutions and corporations have violated the trust when they break their own rules for their own gain.


Helane Morrison has made a lot of progress in the fight for fairness. One of the reasons she has been effective was that she has been shown how vicious the world could be when it comes to the rights of humans. She has learned the most from her mentor Harry A Blackmunn. He has taught her how to keep a brave face in the industry that she is working in. For one thing, she is going to get a lot of opposition when goes forward with getting the institutions working the way they should.


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