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The Ambitions Of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzales is a successful Venezuelan entrepreneur. Most of his ventures are in the agricultural sector. He is the current deputy of the National Assembly of Guarico State. Jose Manuel Gonzales served as the President of National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS) from 2007-2009. Apart from his agricultural businesses, Jose Manuel has also ventured into politics in recent times. He has extensive experience in public service.

Jose Manuel Gonzales was born in the town of Las Mercedes del Llano. He is a descendant of Martin Tovar y Tovar, a famous painter in Venezuela. Jose Manuel Gonzales attended the Central University of Venezuela. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has continually stated his ambitions of helping Venezuela grow. He said that Venezuela is in dire need of a political leader that is interested in more than politics. A leader who does more than his or her political duties. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to use his knowledge in entrepreneurship to make the most of Gonzalez’s political career in Venezuela. He hopes to make it easier for the citizens of Venezuela to access basic needs with a lot of ease. Venezuela has had problems with the provision of goods and services. Jose Manuel believes that a business person like himself is more capable of handling the situation in a leadership capacity than a politician.

His ambitions for Venezuela include changing the country’s political and social structure that would enable it to run and perform better in the future. Many people believe that the government of Venezuela will have little to offer to the people of Venezuela unless Jose Manuel Gonzales is part of the government. He has people who share in his ambitions and want to get into government. Jose Manuel Gonzales is keen on having a participatory government where the people are actively involved in running it.


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