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Philharmonic Accord in Philanthropy, David Osio Makes Money Sing

Philanthropy is like a three-dimensional greeting card; liken to a fabled wood-carver, who whittled a piece of wood, and turned it into a boy. Philanthropy is the ability to take wealth, and turn it into a life force. And the philosophy is more complicated than one can envision, because it is not just giving money to the poor. It’s reminiscent of the master carver, who has a skill, he uses it, and exceptional magic happens. Less the shaving, the sculpture is crafted into a piece of art, and that art form is augmented human potential. So when master entrepreneur David Osio wants to put chiseled in hand, and ebb-out humanitarian terracotta, tremors are inevitable.

The reverberation is loud and clear, David Osio loves life, because it cannot be any other way. He revels in art, music, health and healing. Equaled to famed sculpture Dan Webb who makes wood flow like water, David Osio makes money gush into the heartbeat of humanity, making art and music obtainable. He has supported the Miami Symphony Orchestra for years. If one could understand the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group, and his love for music, it could be represented by the “Spaghetti Bench” by Pablo Reinoso. Reinoso took a mundane structured bench, and turned it into music. While gazing at the sculpture, you can see the vertical bar lines of the chair drift-off, and take flight into sound.

David Osio is an exceptionally intelligent and creative person. He also happens to be an atypical genius in economics and finance.  As the executive branch of Davos Financial Group, David Osio has made profit; he has increased revenues, and has uncovered new markets in places like Geneva and Panama City. Additionally, David Osio has fostered his own type of artistry, promoting the “Davos CAP Calculator”. It is a new mobile application which approximates the return on real estate investments.

Financial Advisor David Osio has over twenty years of business experience, locally and abroad. Crafting out his niche after law school placed him in Caracas, Venezuela as Legal Director at MGO. He was advising the influential in banking. He continued with his education, and later was considered an accredited professional. He was prolific as a scholar at New York Institute of Finance.

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