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The Benefits Flagship Europe Now Has As A Subsidiary Of OSI Group

Flagship Europe is one of the UK’s most important meat distribution companies as a supplier of poultry and other made-to-order food products. It was just bought out by OSI Group, a meat processor and supplier that has supplied finished products to fast food restaurants and supermarket chains all across the globe.

Russell Maddock, the CEO of Flagship Europe is thrilled about the increased funding and resources Flagship Europe has in this acquisition, which has really functioned more like a partnership and he looks forward to working closely with OSI Group leaders Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald.

OSI Group was formerly known as Otto & Sons due to its founding by Otto Kolschowsky back in 1909. At that time it was just a butcher shop in a quiet Chicago neighborhood, but the Kolschowsky’s values on family and hard work helped make this shop one of Chicago’s finest meat producing companies. As Otto & Sons grew, it started acquiring large meat factories and enhancing its presence across the US. McDonalds CEO Ray Kroc chose Otto & Sons to be the restaurant chain’s first meat supplier, and many years later OSI Group added several other well-known fast food chains to that list.

OSI Group has done well in foreign markets because it’s connected to merchants who know their local customers and their needs. They also adhere to strong environmental and employee safety guidelines and have received notable awards for doing so. OSI Group is also active in philanthropy and makes annual donations to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation.

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Build a Secure and Stable Financial Future!

Just as businesses plan their expenses and create budgets to ensure business objectives are turned to practical reality, individuals need to spend much of their time figuring out how they will save and spend their money as well as how much income they expect to get within a given time frame.

To avoid cases of becoming a victim of unmet needs and endless debts, it is crucial to understand the importance of balancing expenses and income with a deeper eye on future needs.

Tips on Managing Your Finances

According to Brad Reifler, some people fail to look at their pay stub and this is one of the major mistakes that they make with their finances. A pay stub enables one know the amount of income he or she earned as well as all the amount they paid through convenient payroll deductions.

Every employer needs to realize that every time they get paid, they pay social security contributions and Federal government income tax.

Additionally, individuals should understand that by beginning to save at a younger age, there are higher chances of becoming rich by the time they officially retire.

Over a long period, the compounding effect results to substantial gains thus helps reduce the pain and struggles of preparing for retirement.

For proper maintenance of finances, you need to get good deals. In most instances, people tend to get what they pay for. It is therefore advisable to pay more for you to get a better quality. On the other hand, you can go ahead to negotiate for prices provided the value of the product is not diminished. Saving money is important but you should know the difference between a good deal and a low price.

Prominent Serial Entrepreneur

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is a successful American serial entrepreneur. He currently serves as the president of Forefront Capital Management.

Bloomberg has it that Kevin Seawright is also the former CEO, founding partner and chairman of Pali Capital, a company that focuses on global financial services.

In 2002, Brad’s first business venture called Reifler Trading Company was officially acquired by Refco. Apart from being a hedge fund manager, he also works at Sino Mercury Company as a director.

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Beverly Hills Auto Group-Delivering the Goods

If yo think you will never own a BMW? Think again! If you go to Beverly Hills Auto Group, you can get pre-approved in just three steps and you can drive away in that Used BMW you have always dreamed of. And no one will ever know it’s used. Buying used also means you can score lower insurance rates and you won’t be hit as hard by depreciation.  See,

Beverly Hills Auto Group is dedicated to their customers and wants to deliver only the best in service and vehicles. Their vehicle will pass any safety or mechanical test and you can even bring your own mechanic to look things over before you decide to buy-they are that confident. Beverly Hills Auto Group believes in helping their customers without the pushy sales tactics of most dealerships. Beverly Hills Auto Group is committed to the satisfaction of their customers and has great staff.

Why Utilizing Securus Technologies Is Proving To Be a Great Way To Communicate

That fact is proven by this fact right here: Securus Technologies enables people to connect with a friend, significant other, or family member who is currently jailed in a correctional facility through the utilization of an innovative communications program called Securus Technologies. It enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can visit in a “visitation” mode without actually being required to travel to the jail where the inmate is in.


Solving crimes is made possible through the communications aspect of the program in which if the inmate is to say anything that is occurring at the jail center they are jailed and the authorities can use it to solve a crime, then it had certainly been deemed as a valuable tool that should be used more often than it may be currently used, thus, making it a great incentive for other correctional facilities to begin implementing this technology in their centers. It has also been created to allow inmates to have an opportunity of getting away from their cell “environment” in which they may feel absolutely alone to the point of being depressed, by giving the the privilege of speaking to a friend, member of the family, or significant other. Be sure to contact one of the representatives of Securus Technologies today so that you can begin utilizing this wonderfully designed system to assist you in your needs of communicating with someone who may be close to you. Both of your lives, yourself and the inmate, or if you are the inmate reading this, your life and the “visitor” will have your lives made much easier through the utilization of Securus Technologies.


Transforming Neighbourhoods, Helping Families All Over Baltimore

In the world of finance and administrative operations, Kevin Seawright is a well-known name. He founded RPS Solutions in 2015 and took on the position of their Chief Operations Officer. With his post at the company, he provides the company with comprehensive insight into their operational and business affairs.

According to Market Wired, when Kevin Seawright founded the company, his primary goal was to help ease the situation on Baltimore’s problem with housing. His aim was to help the community and provide them with aid in whatever way he could. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

Through RPS Solutions he connects potential home buyers with affordable mortgaging partners so that they can be assisted with buying a safe and comfortable home.

He believes that helping the community and easing the problem of housing in Baltimore will greatly benefit the people, helping them in their goals to achieve economic independence.

In place is a system that ensures that the employees of the company remain motivated at performing at their very best. He has also helped automize the standard codes and procedures of the firm and conducts regular examinations and evaluations of RPS Solutions.

Crunchbase said that Kevin Seawright has had tremendous experience in the field of economic development and operations. He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

During his time at the company, he worked on numerous economic development projects and was responsible for managing various new real estate properties. He provided the group with his expertise on financial matters and was responsible for other operations of the company.

He attained a degree from Almeda University with a Masters in Business Administration before he started on his ventures into the world of real estate and economic development. He firmly believes in giving back to the community and helping others realizing their potential to be successful.

He believes that through his company and his efforts, he can transform neighborhoods and stabilize the lives of countless families.

A Special Type Of Product For A Special Type Of Hair

People do not always realize the urgency of washing their own hair and of drying it properly after using a potential conditioner on top of the original shampoo. It seems that sanitation, even when it comes down to the very head and scalp area, is just not as important to people as it once was. When it comes right down to the heart of the matter, some people are downright filthy. It is a shame, and a small amount of weekly shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and moisturizer would make such a difference in such a short amount of time.

WEN hair products by Chaz Dean offer a unique solution to this mess. They are fast. They are effective. They are cost friendly, and you can even pick up a small bottle in any local convenience store for a very decent price. WEN Hair Care employs a system of healthy hair care that has received a general product rating of four out of five stars for excellence.

WEN by Chaz Dean is very popular among the female consumers in America today. In fact, it ranks at no less than the very top of its competition. Few female consumers out there would actually go to another brand; that alone speaks to its usefulness and overall effectiveness as a brand and product.

We are talking about a very special brand for a very special hair. Women are special, and this brand is one-of-a-kind in meeting their unique and special scalp needs. That is the benefit of using WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Care products, and any lady who uses it faithfully will more than likely never be disappointed in doing so.

Why are people so unsanitary these days? All it takes is a couple of minutes in the shower. Apply some conditioner and some shampoo on your way to work every morning. If you use WEN products in place of any ordinary soap or shampoo, for example, that is even better. You’ll note the difference right away in both the way that you smell throughout the day and in feeling your hair move.

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Death ruled Wikipedia in 2016 – but it can come alive for you

You have probably heard of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, created by the collaborative effort of thousands of people.

The most edited 2016 Wikipedia page was Deaths in 2016. Revised by Wikipedia editors 18,230 times, it was way over the second entry; Donald Trump’s with 8,933 edits. But time will only make Trump’s article more relevant and reviewed. According to The Wikimedia Foundation, George W Bush’s page has the most edits of any English article in the history of the site, with 45,862 Wikipedia edits at last count.

This level of interest is reflected in Wikipedia coming at the top 5 spots in Google’s search results. People use Google search to find more about real news, learning about people, businesses, and events. In this era where fake news has become “prime” news, people and businesses reputations can be easily destroyed.

So important, it has become a business. A business that can help enhance your online prestige, authenticity, and credibility, and watch over your reputation. Consider it a digital asset that must be nurtured and maintained.

Get Your Wiki is staffed by veteran Wikipedia editors, who can help you create and manage that online asset. They do it by following Wikipedia’s manual of style, monitoring and translating your page so it becomes relevant to many communities around the world.

Consider this. As an open source community, Wikipedia relies on a large group of dedicated readers and editors to create and update its pages. Once granted access by the community, anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. While most changes are done in good faith, other edits can be malicious and can hurt you. There’s even a Wikipedia page for it: Vandalism on Wikipedia. For example, in July 2015, Donald Trump’s entire Wikipedia page was replaced with one sentence: “Let’s be fair, nobody cares about him.”

There are ways and means to prevent or reduce these acts in your Wikipedia page, but it requires professionals with the experience and knowledge to apply those practices.

Get Your Wiki can bring peace of mind by creating, monitoring and translating your Wikipedia page, making it a reliable source of information for many Web communities.

Fabletics Reverse Showrooming Strategy isn’t a Good Sign for Amazon

When people think of Amazon, people think of the company where they can purchase almost anything they want. Fabletics considers Amazon in a different way. Amazon is an e-commerce giant that creates a high competition in the internet market. However, Fabletics has taken on Amazon through a unique business strategy. The company has focused on a specific niche and built on it. Fabletics started out as an online fashion company. The firm opened its first stores and focused on a different business strategy. The firm makes use of a subscription model to get customer information and to retain them. Customers have to sign up and take a survey of their fashion tastes and likes. The survey ensures that the company can recommend the best product for every customer.


The great thing about the business model is that it retains customers. It is beneficial to the customer because they can get their clothing items easily. Fabletics subscription model is highly flexible. Customers can choose to skip a month if they do not want clothing items that time. One can skip a month or two before it becomes something that should be restarted later.


Fabletics has used the concept of reverse showrooming to attract and retain customers from other stores. The showroom is a business model that hurts many stores. Customers view a product and opt to purchase it elsewhere at discounted prices. Companies that operate on a showrooming business model often undergo huge losses. Fabletics doesn’t have a showroom. Instead, it has created a reverse showroom where it attracts customers from other markets. Fabletics has attracted customers by ensuring that the company products are sold at affordable prices. The company has also built a creative customer experience through personalization of products. As an online shopping platform, Fabletics has grown to become a leading online shopping destination.


Fabletics showroom is available at the company’s website. The firm has thousands of combination for every woman. Ladies that come to look at the company’s line of clothing and find them fashionable can purchase at discounted prices. Fabletics has realized discounts for customers through a membership business model. Fabletics brand has become increasingly popular. Many women that shop online opt to purchase clothing items from the company’s website. The showroom is quite large and offers an all-inclusive shopping experience. It means that one can find clothing items of any body type. Fabletics has enhanced the shopping at the website to be easy and fun.


Fabletics was established in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler. The three founders started the e-commerce platform after noticing a gap in the activewear industry. Before Fabletics, there were no fashionable clothing available for sale online. Fabletics has become a leading source for fashionable activewear and sportswear clothing items. The company has been in operation for three years and is now worth $250 million.

Twenty three Year Old Entrepreneur Combines Innovation with Practicality in Way of His Magnises Black Card

Twenty-three year old, Billy McFarland, is an observer. He notices where there are vacancies within the market. He reasoned, as much, when he noticed a good portion of his demographic carried a credit card. No matter the stylishness or prestige of the credit card the user carried:

Billy came to the conclusion that the card offered not much in the way of local discounting, if any at all. He decided to create and brand a card which provided the professional group, ranging in age from twenty-one years old to thirty-five years old with a solution.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland answer was his stylish and prestigious black Magnises card. The card is weightier than the regular variety so it does not go missing easily. It provides the Millennial user with discounts to some of New York City’s finest eating, and drinking establishments.

The company, too, offers social networking opportunities by way of special events, designed specifically for members at its home-based penthouse location.

The price of the prestigious card is a mere $250, annually. The fee is well worth it: The card not only offers members, once again, a penthouse location, in order to conduct day meetings, as well as special concerts, and locations, where discounts are offered; it makes accessibility into hard to access nightclubs possible and easy.

There are many credit cards offered within the marketplace; however, where the black Magnises card is preferred is due to its social component. The smart and stylish Millennial carries the Magnises Black card, inside his wallet or her pocketbook.

Why Is Wen By Chaz Unique?

Wen by Chaz is a shampoo product by Chaz Dean that provides women with a solution to their ages-old hair problems. Women have hair that may be shedding, stringy, thin and lifeless. Their hair may be considered a problem they cannot solve, and they are at their wit’s end as they search for better ways to care for their hair. Hair care is a part of basic health, and this article explains how the shampoo provides for women where needed.

#1: What Does The Shampoo Contain?

Wen by Chaz was developed by Chaz Dean to ensure women has all the nutrients and minerals that were required for their hair. A head of hair that is not properly-treated will begin to falter, and the lack of nutrition makes the woman feel down. Her hair will droop, and she cannot keep her hair looking lively. Wen by Chaz uses special all natural ingredients that keep hair happy, and the hair will recover after it is styled.

#2: How Did Chaz Market The Shampoo?

Wen by Chaz is marketed to those who are most in need of a shampoo that will repair their hair, and the conditioner in the shampoo was put there by Chaz Dean to ensure it would work for all women. He wants to see a woman take back her hair from all the damage that has occurred, and he wants these women to know that they will feel better about themselves. He loves to see women smiling, and their hair will look far better than when they began.

View Wen by Chaz’s Facebook page for more information.

#3: Wen By Chaz Is Economical

The shampoo was designed in an economical manner, and it requires very little product to work. Chaz wants a woman to wash her hair with a bit of confidence, and he does want to waste their time. Women who feel as though they are wasting their time washing their hair will see few results, and they will use less with Wen by Chaz. The shampoo was created to help women who are struggling with their hair, and they will begin to see results while working on their first bottle.

It is quite important that a woman has taken the time to purchase a proper shampoo, and Wen by Chaz was created to help women get all they need. The shampoo is a lovely product with the conditioner built in, and every woman with a stringy head of hair may make a change.

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