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Nick Vertucci Is a Real Estate Investing Champion

Nick Vertucci is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of a highly respected real estate academy that’s known as Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He’s a real estate aficionado who believes strongly that things that occurred in the past in no way, shape or form control tomorrow. He has significant knowledge that pertains to the often difficult and sophisticated world of real estate investment. People who enroll in his academy can learn a lot about a vast range of pertinent subjects. They can even learn a lot about active investments and how they work.

Nick Vertucci has an impressive staff working for his company. Standout employees include advance training director Nick Lamagna, Vice President of Operations Jamie Tomlinson, COO (Chief Operations Officer) Nicole Marshall and controller Jeff Wilson. Other noteworthy players who make up the team are Nicole Gardner, Dana Monson and Amberly Morgan. Nick Vertucci also has the assistance of a good number of talented and knowledgeable student educators at Examples of his student educators are Angel Martinez, Adonai Bentley, Derek Hudson, Hal Tanner, Mike Shock, Stacey Kennedy, Robert Berry and Jeremy Isles. These trainers all have substantial know-how. They’re also some of the most dedicated and dependable professionals around.

Nick Vertucci is a genuine real estate success story. He’s earned millions in the field. That’s why he’s so eager to share his expertise with the rest of the world. His real estate academy gives people useful answers that can assist them with all kinds of dilemmas. Real estate investing can be a rather complicated job. Nick responds to the problems that are often associated with real estate investing by giving people access to tangible networks that can serve as in-depth information sources. This academy offers participants the guidance of prominent industry veterans who have extensive experience on It helps participants learn how to locate suitable real estate deals. It helps them tackle property repair and maintenance requirements. It even helps them learn how to complete sales. People who want to learn about asset defense, contract flipping, property flipping, property rehabilitation and beyond can all get behind this dazzling academy.

Nick Vertucci is a specialist who has a strong zeal for real estate investment. He enjoys aiding people, too. People who want invaluable assistance regarding real estate investments of all varieties can always depend on this expert. This academy is based in Orange, California, a pleasant, peaceful and friendly Orange County community.

Fabletics – Personalized Shopping Experience that is Designed Especially for Women

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was launched in the year 2013 and in a very short period has established itself as one of the frontrunners in the fashion e-commerce retail market. The company is even giving giants such as Amazon a tough challenge in the market it caters to and has been able to build a robust and loyal customer base in the last few years. The company is highly technologically advanced and uses data to provide its clients with a personalized shopping experience that is unique in itself. It makes it easy for the busy women of today’s generation to buy what they want without having to scroll through endless collections of clothing items on online e-commerce portals.



Kate Hudson is one of the co-owners of Fabletics and her association with the brand has helped the firm in getting the momentum it wanted. Even though the fashion retail business is highly competitive, Fabletics has been able to stand out tall in the market because of its unique marketing model. The company offers VIP membership at a very nominal cost through which the members can buy products on the site at almost half the price.



Moreover, they also get few fitness clothing items each month that are personalized as per their taste, body type, and other preferences. The customers get mail at the starting of each month with the list of items they can choose from. The items displayed in the mail are selected as per the personalized preferences of the customers, and it helps save time and effort of the consumers to a great extent. Women don’t have to go through hundreds of website and select from endless choices, which can be very confusing, and at times, may even lead to overspending.



Fabletics also followed the footsteps of other major brands like Apple and Warby Parker by implementing the reverse showroom technique. The company, all of a sudden, started opening its store at key locations across the country, and this helped in creating broader brand awareness in the market. The customers who were intrigued by what Fabletics offer regarding quality, value and design got the firsthand chance to experience the offerings of Fabletics. It helped the company add to its brand value and identity, as well as its revenue. People who want to check out how Fabletics offer personalized shopping experience to the customers can take lifestyle quiz at the Fabletics’ official website.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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George Street Photo and Video – Great for Weddings!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer or videographer? If you haven’t yet checked them out, you should consider hiring George Street Photo and Video Address Locations. George Street started as three friends from Indiana who saw that there were flaws in the wedding photography businesses and they wanted to improve upon it. Now you can find this well known and well respected company in 40 different U.S. Cities.

One of the best things about George Street is the love and enthusiasm that the photographers have for their field and it shows.

They really are coast to coast. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in beautiful California, you will find just what you need with their Los Angeles office. If you are in New York, you will find a large office there ready and waiting to take your dream photos! They are even willing to do destination weddings!

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Higher Education in a Treasured Natural Setting

The Wessex Institute of technology was established in 1986 by professor Carlos Brebbia. It is situated at Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park, which is located in the south of England.WIT’s mission to facilitate knowledge sharing between professionals and academics allows higher degree seekers ample opportunity for collaboration and publishing.Researchers and industry professionals may participate in any of WIT’s three core activity areas: Research, Conferences, and Publishing.WIT collaborates with Universities all over Western Europe, as well as a program in Brazil. It is known for its publishing arm, WITPress, and the 20-25 conferences that it holds each year.

Two awards are given out each year by WIT: The Prigogine Medal, conceived in collaboration with the University of Siena, and the George Green Award, which was co-sponsored in tribute to George Green wth the University of Mississippi in 2014.Perhaps in deference to its incredible wilderness setting, WIT publishes a large body of work regarding Eco-friendly design and preservation.

Jason Hope On Airlines Making Use Of The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is something real and happening right now. It has moved beyond being just a viable concept.This refers to the wireless connection of objects to the internet. These are objects that we are using on a daily basis. This is completely changing the way in which automobiles, medical equipment, toasters and even toothbrushes are operating.Gartner Inc. is a leading name in technological research. They have predicted that by 2020, nearly 25 billion things will be getting connected.Jason Hope makes a mention of the Bluetooth beacon technology here. This is a key component of the Internet of Things. With this technology, objects are able to communicate with people as well as with each other.

Basically, Beacon is a simple transmitting device. It is able to gather information and then relay it. Most of the beacons today are in the form of stickers that are embedded with sensors. They are so tiny that they can be place on anything, anywhere.Jason Hope further mentions how this technology is having implications in the airline industry too. The executives of the airlines are listening to him as Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur. He considers himself as a futurist.

Jason Hope talks about the IoT impacting safety in air travel. He takes an example of Boeing 787s of Virgin Atlantic. These are connected from their nose to the rudder through a wireless network. This helps to collect real-time data and analyze it continually. Even the scheduled maintenance gets automatically tracked this way. This way the ground staff would receive news of any part that is performing badly during a flight. Hence the mechanics will be waiting with the required parts and tools even before the plane has landed.These beacons are able to continually monitor the safety items such as life jackets, toolboxes and so on. This is beneficial for all those travelers who feel nervous about flying. People feel safer this way.

Bruce Bent II On Money Market Funds

Money market fund is a mutual fund that invests in the short term, minimal risk securities. Depending on the choice of investment, the generated income can be taxable or not. Money market funds fall into three categories, namely, municipal, government and prime-based. Municipal investment involves investing the asset funds in municipal securities which are exempt from federal tax. Government and prime investments have their assets invested mainly in the US.

Money market funds are appropriate for investors who have short-term investment goals. Investors who are looking for a more conservative investment or are less tolerant to instability can benefit by investing in it too. Another class of suitable customers is those who need an extremely liquid investment. Though the returns on these funds are not as high compared to other fixed income funds, they provide the greatly needed investment stability.

In 1971, two businessmen established the first money market fund named Reserve Fund. American Museum of Financial History recognized the Reserve Fund for its importance and contribution to the nation’s financial history. Today, the money market fund is serving tens of millions of customers and is worth over $3 trillion.

Bruce Bent II is a pioneer of successful retirement services and short-term asset management businesses. He is quite knowledgeable in money market funds, as well. The result-oriented financial consultant and CEO has contributed to the invention of more than fifty private industry related patents.

Mr. Bent II has been the president and vice chairperson of Double Rock Corporation for 26 years, a leading financial technology firm. He is also a senior executive in all the affiliated units and subsidiary companies of Double Rock. The success of Mr. Bent II can be due to his ability to pinpoint and seize opportunities that provide a competitive edge, drives enhanced growth and creates profit.

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Bruce Levenson Looks To Educate The Not For Profit Community

The not for profit sector of the U.S. community has been seeking to gain more of a foothold in the world of business in recent years, but UCG co-founder and philanthropist Bruce Levenson believes the problem facing many not for profit leaders is the gap in their business skills. Levenson admires the passion of philanthropists and not for profit leaders, but believes their peers in the private sector are often better equipped to achieve long term success because of the standard of education they receive.

In a bid to close the gap between the not for profit and private sectors the man behind the TechTarget and Gas Buddy brands has thrown his considerable financial weight behind the development of the Do Good Institute at The University of Maryland. Bruce Levenson has been involved in the work of the Do Good Institute since its inception and according to PR News, seeded $75 million in funds to The University of Maryland to help develop the institute and establish it in a position that has seen it become a great success from the first day of its launch in 2010. Bruce Levenson hopes the Do Good Institute will be the first step in hands on approach to not for profit education that should begin to be seen across the U.S. after the success shown in the first few years of operation for the Do Good Institute.

After developing UCG in a spare room as a standalone newsletter in the 1970s, Bruce Levenson and business partner Ed Peskowitz set out to develop the company as a leader in the delivery of information that has moved with the latest technology. In 2004, Bruce Levenson headed a consortium that purchased the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, taking the team from last place in the standings to the number one seed entering the 2015 playoffs before selling the franchise for an estimated $840 million.

Getting legal assistance from experts such as Jeremy Goldstein

The country has become very litigious of late. There are circumstances whereby things that previously used to be overlooked land one in a court of law. In case you have a business, or other personal interactions that could have led to differences of opinion between yourself and others, it is important to think about getting legal help from a competent lawyer such as Jeremy Goldstein to represent you.


There are many issues that can become legal complications when handled improperly in business law. For instance, when legal contracts are not properly signed by the relevant parties, legal issues may crop up. The same case applies to documents such as title deeds, business ownership and partnership agreements, liens and other related documents. Having a competent business law expert such as Jeremy Goldstein assures you that the documents will be signed in the proper manner and that problems are dealt with even before they crop up.


Another common source of issues that Jeremy Goldstein deals with in business is employment law. When you have a number of employees working in your organization, you have to make sure that the hiring, promotion and firing processes are being carried out in the proper manner. In an employee feels that they were not treated in a proper manner during the hiring and firing, they might bring up a lawsuit against you, which will reflect very badly on you and could even cost you clients and the business altogether.


The other thing that becomes a huge issue in business is accidents that happen in the workplace and workers compensation. The only way you can be on the safe side when it comes to dealing with such issues is having a lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein, who completely understands business law working with you. They will assess each situation and make judgments about the best way to handle the case and in case they feel you are on the wrong, get a quick settlement for the other party.


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Businessman Jason Halpern as an Active Philanthropist

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Mr Jason Halpern is an integral part of the business of real estate. He worked as Principal since 2010 at the development company JMH Development which was founded by his family. In April 2014, Mr Jason Halpern moved on from the position.

Mr Jason Halpern was born in 1975. He was the third owner of the company of JMH Development. Mr Jason Halpern has been very dedicated to his work as a philanthropist. One of his better-known accomplishments is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center which is a part of the Westchester Medical Center. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center is an institution dedicated to surgical operations. The centre does open-heart surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, as well as reattachment of severed limbs. Another sector of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center takes care of burn victims and patients with injuries that are threatening to their lives. The centre always has an individual sector for children and pregnant women.

Jason Halpern: with Production

Mr Jason Halpern has been actively involved in an extensive list of charitable events and causes. He has initiated fundraising events and made donations that amass to millions. Mr Jason Halpern has also done charity through the family business of JMH Development. He had partnered up with a water charity to which he makes donations of $20 000 for every contract that JMH Development signed at one of their locations. Through that partnership, Mr Jason Halpern was able to help provide people with clean drinking water in places that had a shortage of it such as Ethiopia and Nepal for example. Other charities related to the distribution of safe drinking water that Mr Jason Halpern has worked with are Relief Society of Tigray as well as with Splash.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The company of JMH Development was established more than fifty years ago. The company is based in New York City, and it has several other offices across the United States of America. The company of JMH Development works in the fields of both commercial and residential properties. The company has invested nearly $650 million in projects on the territory of new york city. One of the most successful of those projects is the 340 luxury apartments that were built in the place of a large warehouse close to the outskirts of New York City.

Jason’s Family

In the early months of 2015, JMH Development opened a hotel in the centre of Miami Beach, Florida. The location was extremely advantageous for the company to work on. The project of the luxurious hotel consisted of building 235 apartments. The project was led to completion together with Madden Real Estate Ventures. The finished establishment features a tower with eight floors which was added to breathe new life into the location.

Madison Street Capital’s Success in Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital reputation as a leading investment banking company was further enhanced when ARES Security Corporation selected the firm to serve as its exclusive financial advisor in subordinated debt investment and arranging a minority equity.


Headquartered in Vienna, VA, ARES Security is a top class provider of enterprise security risk management software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the provider of minority recapitalization. The lucrative deal was publicly declared by Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital.


The transaction was spearheaded by Reginald McGaugh who is a senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital. While speaking after sealing the transaction, the director stated that he was particularly excited to work with Ben who played an instrumental role that culminated to the successful completion of the investment. He also praised the management team of ARES Security for helping the company to pick the best financing partner.


Ben acts as the president and is a shareholder of Ares Security, a firm touted as a leader in protecting world’s assets. He remarked that he was pleased to work with Madison Street Capital team, which helped them to realize the company’s capital raising objectives. He specifically asserted that the firm played a critical role in valuation analysis and identifying the appropriate financing partner.


ARES security asserted that bringing Corbel on board was the right decision in helping the company to build significant equity value. The firm further expressed hope that its partnership with Corbel would continue to grow the company’s sales and enhance its ability to explore more revenue opportunities.


Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital has grown at a fast pace to become one of the top investment banking firms offering a wide range of financial services to businesses. The company uses high caliber employees to deliver excellent services in financial advisory, business valuation, mergers and Acquisitions, financial reporting as well as financial opinions. The company’s service delivery is based on highest professional standards that include leadership, excellence and integrity. These operational values make Madison Street Capital stand out from its competitors in the financial industry.


The Chicago based privately owned firm has other offices located in North America, Asia and Africa. Madison Street Capital prides itself in possessing unique knowledge and experience in matching financing and capitalization structure to customer needs. This has greatly enhanced the firm’s position as a leader in the provision of financial advisory services to the middle market business.


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