Brendolyn Marie

Michael Lacey the Successful Mathematics Expert is A Role Model

For mathematics scholars who need a role model, Michael Lacey is a leading figure. Born in 1959, Michael Lacey has set a pace in the academic field with his specialty being Mathematics.

The visionary man is famous for his passion for Math, a subject other scholars may find challenging in the education system. The doctor in philosophy prides himself in being an alumnus of the prestigious Illinois University.

Having graduated in 1987, Michael Lacey has been a role model to some of the mathematician scholars who highly uphold his ways of studies. The man who looks up to Mr. Walter Philip his facilitator wrote a thesis on the key yet unexplored areas of Banach Spaces.

The thesis was linked to solving a problem that was associated with iterated logarithm for empirical functions.


Lacey’s career began when he was an assistant professor for scholars at the Louisiana University. This was between 1987 and 1988. Also serving as an assistant professor, Michael Lacey garnered enough experience not only as a scholar but also a facilitator. He left the institution to join Chapel Hill for one year.

He then worked as an assistant professor for Indiana University at Bloomington. Working as an active associate professor for Georgia School of Technology, Michael Lacey garnered experience in different fields of Mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Michael Lacey learned the ropes that came with being a facilitator through these experiences. Later on, he was appointed a full –time professor for the institution. Until 2001, he served as a full –time professor before joining the Georgia Institute as a professor.


As a learner and teacher, Michael landed the opportunity to speak to multiple students. Teaching mathematics in public, he earned respect from these scholars.

His passion for mathematics is the defining factor in his career. Some of the awards he bagged over the years include honors, awards as well as accolades in the following categories:

1990- He received the Postdoctoral Fellow from NSF

  • 1997- He bagged the Prix Salem award. The joint award was shared with Christoph Thiele at the Prince University.
  • 1998- Michael was publically recognized for giving a public speech at a math congress in Berlin Germany.
  • 2004- Michael received an honorary award dubbed the Guggenheim Fellow.
  • 2008- Michael was honored in Argentina.
  • 2012-Michael received public positive recognition from Georgia Institute of Technology. He was awarded by the NSF branch of the institution. He also received an award as a Simon’s member.
  • Finally, he was awarded by the Mathematical Society of America Fellow in 2013.