Brendolyn Marie

Malcolm Casselle: The Gaming Industry’s Ignition Key

OPSkins is a world-wide leader of sales for in-game simulated assets. The originators of OPSkins are developing a new blockchain platform. This platform is entitled WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX will serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading of virtual assets. This new platform is quite innovative because it solves two of the most widespread problems in the virtual asset market which are fragmentation and fraud. WAX allows users to trade virtual goods without having to separate from their game. In addition, the new platform eliminates fraud by “removing the middle man”. This process ensures that goods are delivered to buyers and that the cost of the transactions are kept low.


Malcolm Casselle is currently the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and President of Worldwide Asset Exchange. Mr. Casselle has an extensive career history which began at MIT where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He then attended Stanford University where he received his master’s degree. Malcolm is fluent in two languages: Japanese and Mandarin.


Mr. Casselle began his working career in 1995 as the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NetNoir. This company made history by becoming one of the first to create a media production website with Afrocentric culture at its core. Beginning in 1998, he served at Pacific Century CyberWorks (located in Hong Kong) as senior vice president. While in Hong Kong, Malcolm Casselle was also the director of Capital Union Investments between 2006 and 2013. His role involved managing private direct investments into web companies.


Beginning in April 2012, Malcolm Casselle became the CEO of Xfire which is a world-wide social network platform for video game enthusiasts. Less than a year later, he went on to work at MediaPass as CEO. In the same year, he co-founded his first company called Timeline Labs. During 2014, the company was bought by SeaChange International where Casselle then became Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media. It is clear that Malcolm Casselle’s sizable contributions throughout his career make him stand out as a leader and innovator.