Brendolyn Marie

Madison Street Capital: A World Class Investment Firm

The city of Chicago is known for many things: being the place where a president launched his history-making political career, being the hometown of a beloved baseball team and for having somewhat dreary, cloudy, sunless weather. While people might associate the city with politics, sports and mild weather they might not be as quick to draw a connection between Chicago and global business. And in that case they would be wrong. The city is where the headquarters of the global investment banking firm Madison Street Capital is located. Madison Street Capital provides mission critical services to its clients that include but are not limited to capital restructuring, advisory services on corporate governance issues, bankruptcy services, tax compliance and tax planning. The firm got its start in the world of American finance and learned how to discern and meet the needs of middle market businesses in the United States. After learning and establishing itself as one of the country’s premier investment management firms Madison Street Capital set its sights on other markets.


The company’s leadership decided that its strategic direction would involve taking the Madison Street Capital reputation for strong mergers and acquisition advisory services, business valuation services and a focus on middle market businesses to other countries around the world. Madison Street Capital could have expanded in places like Britain where the capital city of London is a hub for many globally-focused financial institutions. It could have also looked towards attempting to establish itself in foreign markets like Berlin or Paris. Instead Madison Street Capital decided to do something that was somewhat unconventional and turned its sights on setting up shop in countries that are outside of the industrialized world.


When people think of wealth and power they don’t necessarily think of places like Ghana or of Southeast Asia but as Madison Street Capital shows, such people are missing out big opportunities. Due to legislation like the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Ghana has had the opportunity to establish an important trade relationship with the United States of America. Also countries in the Southeast Asian region are developing quickly and have a growing middle class. The businesses that arise to fill the needs of that burgeoning middle class will be in need of financial advice on how to grow, which business partners are best for an acquisition and staying in compliance with the tax codes of that country.


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