Brendolyn Marie

Lori Senecal On Emerging Marketing Strategies

Marketing is all about getting attention for your product, often while using social media channels. Marketing requires an audience, which is targeted by a message that inspires the individual to buy a product. Social media companies like Facebook earn much in advertising revenue. Facebook and Google rule Internet advertising as companies that have achieved world domination in a short time. Many people choose to use ad-blocking software on Chrome that blocks out advertising that could crop up while using the Internet. Mobile phones require shorter advertising methods because of available bandwidth. Anybody can be the targeted of advertising marketing on any device, whether a computer or a smartphone.

According to Adweek, Facebook alone uses personalization in their marketing tactics. Businesses all across the board need to use Facebook to advertise and to personalize their advertisements. First and foremost, advertising must have visual appeal as one marketing tactic that is common. Lori Senecal is a Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. She is also knowledgeable about marketing as an industry. She is an international manager of 10 offices that work on global development. Ms. Senecal works on attracting more leadership opportunities for women Creative Directors. She served on the Kraft campaign of 2015 where Kraft removed artificial ingredients from its Macaroni and Cheese recipe, 50 million boxes were sold in direct opposition to the expectation that this campaign would not do so well. Visit Adweek to know more.

The Letgo campaign was a mobile app that allowed users to make TV-style videos of the things they were selling. This tool was called the Commercializer and sales resulted in 45 million downloads. In fall 2016 with the release of a basketball video game, NBA 2K which was jointly marketed with FitBit, Lori Senecal marketed both. Ms. Senecal knows quite a bit about modern marketing strategies that work in the ’10s. She also recently spoke at 3% conference.