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John Goullet Pushes For Diversity In The Work Place

The importance of respect for diversity is extremely high in the business sector. It is important that all clients and customers as well as employees feel welcomed. Diversant Staffing agency holds true to its name. Fully certified and Minority owned, Diversant is known as the largest and most successful IT staffing firm owned by African-Americans. Diversant operates under a strong set of core values, that helps ensure the best experience for their clients and their customers. hey believe that diversity, and an understanding and respect for it, is a large part of success and is vital to the survival of any business. Diversant LLC works hard to deliver the best staffing solutions to all clients, and bring more innovative ideas and strategies to the IT staffing industry.

Several IT consultants choose Diversant LLC not only because of their reputation, but also because of their desire to promote diversity in the workplace. Diversant LLC takes a more personable approach to the staffing and interview process to ensure the best placement.

Current chairman and principal of Diversant John Goullet has over 20 years of experience in IT and IT staffing. He began his career as an IT consultant in 1994, and shortly after, took an interest in IT staffing. After several year of hands on experience, and extensive knowledge about IT staffing he launched his own staffing agency to provide innovative staffing solutions to fortune 500 companies, called Info Technologies. Info Technologies grew significantly within the first five years, eventually reaching $30 million in revenue. In 2010 John merged with Gene Waddy-who is current Chief Executive Officer of Diversant LLC and founder of Diversant INC, to merge the two companies.

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