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Jake Gottlieb: From Finance To Philanthropy

Jake Gottlieb is an incredibly well-known name in the field of investment management. He has a number of high qualifications that have helped him throughout his career. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, with a major in economics studies. He has also received numerous awards for his efforts in investment banking and the work that he has done for clients coming to him from all over the country.

Before he got into the field of finance, Jake Gottlieb initially wanted to get a degree in medicine and become a doctor. To pursue this goal, he decided to join the New York University in their medical department. Soon after completing his degree in medicine, he decided to get an internship with the St. Vincent Hospital. This put all that he had learned in his education to the test, and Jacob Gottlieb was able to perform extremely well in the workplace.

Even though he studied and gained his degree in medicine, but his interest in finance never stopped. He then decided to leave the field of medicine and pursue something in finance, even though he had been working in the field of medicine and was starting to see a good amount of success in it.

His endeavors in the field of finance thereon were some of the fruitful in his life. He already had a strong passion for understanding and analyzing the stock market and found the job of a stock trader incredibly satisfying. He worked with a number of well-known names in the field and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to one day reach a high up position in the field. One of the more prominent executive positions that he took on was the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for a company known as Visium Asset Management. He earned this position in 2005.

Before working at Visium Asset, he was one of the people that founded Balyasny Asset Management, which was a company located in London that performed a number of beneficial financial trades and investments for the benefit of the clients who came to them. The company did extremely well under the management of Jacob Gottlieb, and all the people working alongside him. The company came to be incredibly reputed and well known in the field of finance, and was something that helped Jacob Gottlieb grow as a professional in the field.

In addition to working at being one of the prominent names in finance, Jacob Gottlieb also does a considerable amount of charitable work. He believes that he should contribute to the welfare of people in society in whatever way possible, and does so by regularly donating to charitable organizations that work towards various charitable organizations.