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How Todd Lubar Sees Smart Home Technology Creating Good Jobs

Innovation lies at the heart of global economic progress. Some of the biggest innovation that is going on today is the tech industry’s focus on smart home technologies. Todd Lubar, a very successful Baltimore mortgage broker, says that he sees more homeowners everyday adopting these technologies into their daily lives. He sees this industry as creating a wealth of good jobs going forward. Older jobs will be eliminated, just like each time there is a technology breakthrough, but he says those will be replaced with jobs that pay more money.

Technology has always played a role in transforming human society and today is no different, although the pace has greatly accelerated over the past few decades. The personal computer changed how people work and live in the 1980s while the 1990s saw the explosion of the internet. The 2000s were dominated by the advent of social media, and Todd Lubar says that the 2010s will be known as the decade that smart home technology changed everything.

According to Yelp, these smart home technologies is part of what is called the Internet of Things, where all sorts of technological devices will be able to interact with one another. Todd Lubar himself has installed mood lighting in his home which he can control with his phone, a technology more and more people are installing. He also talks about things like smart thermostats that will handle all the heating and cooling needs of a home without needing to be interacted with.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur in the real estate market. He has been helping people obtain mortgages for more than 25 years and is the proud owner of his own business, TDL Global Ventures. He earned his undergraduate at Syracuse University before launching his successful career in the real estate industry.

Lubar first became interested in smart home technology a few years ago. He has since learned everything he can about it, both the benefits and present limitations. He says that in addition to his lights he has also installed hardware to control his fans. He also has security cameras mounted so that he can be sure his home is safe from anywhere in the world he may be. You can follow their Instagram page.

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