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How Eric Pulier is Building a Legacy Worth Remembering

Eric Pulier is a distinguished technologist, businessman, humanitarian, author and columnist. His entrepreneurial career in particular, has been quite successful. He has played a role in the formation of over 15 businesses. Eric stands out from other corporate leaders due to his unique ability to form partnerships across the business sphere. This has won him admirers within the corporate world.

Eric’s Beginnings

From an early age, Eric won accolades for his computer programming skills. Luckily, he had a supportive family, which helped him nurture his talent. The support that he had from his tentative years has acted as a backbone to the massive success that he has had. Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High School in New Jersey. He is also an alumni of Harvard University, where he studied computer science, American literature and environmental studies. While studying at Harvard, he had the opportunity to be a columnist on the Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Eric’s Career and Humanitarian Efforts

After experiencing notable success as an entrepreneur, Eric caught the eye of former US president Bill Clinton, who appointed him to be in charge of a campaign known as Bridge to the 21st Century. The role of this campaign was to mark Mr. Clinton’s second stint at the presidency. Besides this, the campaign also showcased the impact of technologies on local communities. Pulier competently supervised all exhibitions. Due to the success that the campaign had, he was subsequently appointed a board member of the USC Marshall School’s Center for Telecommunications Management.

Mr. Pulier’s charity efforts has seen him partner with different stakeholders to create a positive change within local communities. Eric is credited for the creation of a dynamic educational platform, which is used to enlighten the public about sclerosis. He is similarly one of Campaign for Free College Tuition’s main backers. This organization aims at promoting access to college education among American youth. Pulier’s X-Prize foundation also benefits women in Africa to reach their economic potential.


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