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Securus Technologies Won Three Gold Stevie Awards in the Year 2018

Securus Technologies entered the prison industry back in 1986 and started off be serving just a couple of prisons. But over the years, the number has grown to 3,500 correction agencies and law enforcement agencies around the United States. While their primary service is that of communication services to the prisoners and their family members to stay in touch with each other, the company is also committed to providing advanced information management and monitoring services to the prisons that would make them more secured.


These solutions not only allow the prison officers to live event-free but also helps blocks many threats to the society. Using advanced technology but simple usage, the company has managed to increase the efficiency of the prison security and blocked many loopholes that were exploited by the gang members to run their operations from inside the prison.


Even though prisons are deemed to be safe, it is not often the case. Many jails find ways to get contraband phones and other illegal materials inside the prison that pose multiple threats to the lives of the guards and that of the other prisoners who just want to complete their sentences and return to normal living. The criminals are using drones these days to transport weapons, phones, drugs, and other illegal items inside the prison.


The correctional facilities have been combating the issue of contraband supplies for many years now, but without any positive results so far. However, Securus Technologies recently launched the wireless containment system that ensured that the contraband phones are not used inside the prison. Similarly, the company recently started the drone detection technology which would be used to provide that the drones are not able to enter the corrections space. The corrections officers have found many contraband packages inside the prison over the years, which the inmates have confessed that was transported using drones.


The drone detection technology would help the correctional officers to ensure that no drones enter the corrections space. It would also help in knowing from where the drones are coming so that the sources can be identified and arrested. Securus Technologies is known as a company that takes good care of its customers, and it is, for this reason, it has won many awards for its customer service over the years.


The sales and customer service of the company gained three Golden Stevie Awards in 2018, which is remarkable for any company. The company has been able to make a name for itself in the correctional sphere due to the exceptional services and products it has been offering. Securus Technologies hopes that it would continue to be able to contribute consistently to the development and transformation of the corrections space in the future.


How Securus Integrates Justice By Containing Illegal Prison Communications.

For a long time, the correctional authorities have succeeded partially in keeping Americans safe. However, they have often failed miserably in reforming some convicts who remain adamantly opposed to change and hell-bent on advancing their criminal agenda. Unfortunately, those failures to reform make such inmates potentially dangerous to fellow inmates, prison officials and the outside world.


The Danger Lurks

Most prisoners get convicted with some, but not all, of their accomplices. Some remain at large and often separated from their incarcerated leadership and mentorship. For convicts who detest the idea of turning a new leaf, prisons become crime training and networking centers. All they ever need to do is access open and unregulated communications with other prisoners and the outside world. A convicted criminal, with the right motivation, can coordinate and orchestrate the most atrocious crimes against the society through organizing

  • Murder within and outside of prisons
  • Drug trafficking inside and outside prisons
  • Mob activities


Whereas communication with the outside world is the most powerful weapon that the authorities can allow inmates to wield against them, it is inhuman not to. Prisoners and their loved ones need to communicate as frequently as possible for a more integrated, prosperous and harmonious America. However, because of the potential dangers that such a freedom poses, prison officials often limit communication to nearly oppressing inmates and their loved ones.


However, with the intervention of cutting-edge technology companies like Securus, a balance was achieved. Securus Technologies is a company that provides exceptionally effective and affordable solutions for public safety through prisons communications, investigations and monitoring. It services inmates, their loved ones and correctional authorities by seamlessly combining their legal interests. It also combats their illegal intentions via correspondence control.

For inmates, Securus Technologies provides self-service communication platforms that allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones, legal business associations and lawyers. Since Securus Technologies upholds the integrity of those platforms, they are allowed to run them on a 24-hour basis. The communications are, however, always screened and audited to block out and report any criminal correspondence.

For the correctional authorities, Securus Technologies provides very many affordable and highly effective security products. Securus installs and manages automated security locks and monitoring cameras. Furthermore, Securus renders all contraband phones within prisons ineffective. It masks the cyberspace surrounding prisons with thick network barriers that cut off all contraband phones off from regular mobile networks. The technology is so effective that some prison officials no longer bother to gnash their teeth over the robustly technical contraband phone smuggling channels that include drones dropping phones in prison yards.

Securus Technologies Working for the Public

Public safety is one of the most important things modern society deals with. There is a lot of work that goes into solving a crime and preventing new offense. Technology is one of the ways that this process advances and goes forward. There are companies offering technology solutions to correctional facilities and law enforcement that make their work easier. However, it can also benefit people who are incarcerated and want to do something productive in the future no matter how soon they will be released back into the society. Securus Technologies is one such company that works on different innovative technology solutions specifically designed for use in prisons.


Securus Technologies created a system that allows people to make calls to their friends and family while they are in prison. All calls are monitored, and the information acquired from these calls has been used to solve a crime, obtain warrants and to prevent other people from committing a crime. It also improves the quality of life for the people who are in prison. It means they can keep on the straight and narrow line while behind bars and it also increases their commitment to staying out of trouble once they leave the four walls.


Securus Technologies works with different correctional facilities all over the country. They work on new technology solutions that could expand the possibilities for both involved sides. Offering people in prison options to access learning resources and legal resources is one of the primary goals. The company has recorded more than a million conversations, and it has been helpful to the law enforcement. It is important that prison system goes with the time and use those technology solutions since it makes everybody’s life easier and more straightforward.


Securus Technologies know that that is the way to move forward and evolve.



Why Utilizing Securus Technologies Is Proving To Be a Great Way To Communicate

That fact is proven by this fact right here: Securus Technologies enables people to connect with a friend, significant other, or family member who is currently jailed in a correctional facility through the utilization of an innovative communications program called Securus Technologies. It enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can visit in a “visitation” mode without actually being required to travel to the jail where the inmate is in.


Solving crimes is made possible through the communications aspect of the program in which if the inmate is to say anything that is occurring at the jail center they are jailed and the authorities can use it to solve a crime, then it had certainly been deemed as a valuable tool that should be used more often than it may be currently used, thus, making it a great incentive for other correctional facilities to begin implementing this technology in their centers. It has also been created to allow inmates to have an opportunity of getting away from their cell “environment” in which they may feel absolutely alone to the point of being depressed, by giving the the privilege of speaking to a friend, member of the family, or significant other. Be sure to contact one of the representatives of Securus Technologies today so that you can begin utilizing this wonderfully designed system to assist you in your needs of communicating with someone who may be close to you. Both of your lives, yourself and the inmate, or if you are the inmate reading this, your life and the “visitor” will have your lives made much easier through the utilization of Securus Technologies.