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How Betsy DeVos is Changing the Department of Education.

There is a dynamic shift going on at the highest levels of the United States government. The meteoric rise of Donald Trump coupled with his penchant for belaying all ‘establishment practices’ has put the political world on notice. President Trump is here to drain the swamp and he’s going to make sure that he does it his way. One of the key factors of Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican primary nomination, leading directly to his Presidential victory in 2016, was his willingness to fight for people that wouldn’t have otherwise had a defender. In order to continue this good fight, Trump is turning to his administration and staffing his team with political outsiders that come with their own unique qualities.


Today’s focus is going to be on Betsy DeVos, the recently nominated and confirmed Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos comes to the Trump Administration with as much prior political experience as Donald Trump himself which is to say, little to none. Still, that does not mean that Betsy DeVos is unprepared or even unqualified. Instead, DeVos is someone with a fresh set of eyes for a department that has been plagued with issues ever since it was first created. Some people will be familiar with Betsy DeVos, particularly those that reside in Michigan, but more than likely she’ll be a relative surprise to everyone on a national level. So why did President Trump peg her as his Secretary of Education?


The biggest reason why Betsy DeVos was brought into the Department of Education was simple: she has spent her entire career fighting to reform education. DeVos took the works of Milton Friedman, which focused on the separation of the government from education, and she helped to make them popular and applicable once again. DeVos has spent the better part of the past thirty years working to make school choice a national issue and she has, thus far, been wildly successful. School choice programs now exist in 17 states, spread across 33 institutions, all while housing a quarter of a million students. With DeVos in the Trump Administration, she’ll have more power to potentially widen the school choice movement than ever before.


With all of that being said, DeVos does have an uphill battle to climb as she heads to Washington D.C. For one, DeVos is a stone-cold outsider. Despite coming from a family dynasty, DeVos has not spent much time in Washington D.C. at all. As a result, DeVos will be challenged by career politicians pretty much every step of the way. DeVos seems to be up for the task, at least if you believe the words of Mike Cox — a former state attorney general and a prominent Republican. Cox called DeVos a ‘fighter’ and described her as both ‘steely’ and ‘determined’ when pursuing something that she believes in. Betsy DeVos will have to harden those characteristics as she pushes to make a difference in Washington D.C. as well as the Department of Education. Learn more:


The Values Betsy DeVos Stands For

Betsy DeVos is one of the few business leaders who has been on the forefront in ensuring that the marginalized individuals in the United States get access to quality education. Her charity, The Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation has a remarkable history of helping children from poor backgrounds get scholarship opportunities. Betsy has managed to succeed in the field of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy because such is her calling. In 2015 the charity single-handedly contributed over $11.6 million towards charitable courses in various sectors of the American society. Betsy’s family is currently ranked 24th on the list of top do-gooders in the United States.


Before Betsy DeVos was nominated to the Trump administration, the social entrepreneur was actively involved in activism with the agenda of bringing reforms to the American education sector. Her love for charter schools saw her fund institutions such as the Success Academy Charter Schools and the Potter’s House School. According to Betsy DeVos, the American education industry is reeling under the weight of old and tired ideas. So that the sector remains vibrant, a new approach that focuses on what students want needs to be adopted.


Betsy‘s work in the education sector spreads beyond charter schools. She is also involved in the advancement of research in the field of medicine. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation also have a history of supporting Christian missions and art schools. Over a period of 5 years, the charity has managed to donate $100 million to various noble courses that seek to make the world a better place.


Recently, Betsy DeVos has been traveling around the United States to assess the status of learning institutions. Her idea of charter schools is beginning to gain traction among the policymakers and stakeholders in the sector. As the cabinet secretary for education, Betsy exudes confidence that she is going to inject the school industry with fresh ideas.


One of the factors that have contributed to Betsy’s activism in education is her interaction with educators and parents. The smile on the faces of students once they get to pursue a career of their choice keeps the quest for charter schools alive. In places such as the District of Columbia, Betsy DeVos has taken it upon herself to ensure that students are placed in their choice schools. Betsy avers that challenges facing the education sector today need different solutions.


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