Brendolyn Marie

Rocketship Education – Making a Difference in Public School Education

After 10 years of operation, Rocketship’s CEO looks back at the inception and building of Rocketship Education. And below, he presents ten lessons that they have learned for their first 10 years in elementary education. These lessons are as follows:


  1. Personalized learning starts at home.
  2. To change the system, we need to create more demand
  3. Honor the power of parents
  4. Integrating students won’t create culturally responsive schools – teachers will
  5. Actions speak louder than words
  6. Meaningful inclusion benefits all kids
  7. Never stop learning
  8. Define your mindset
  9. You won’t go far trying to go it alone
  10. Proud to be a public school

Rocketship is network of non-profit public elementary schools that provide education services to low income societies who experience restricted admittance to first-rate schools.

Rocketship started its operations in 2006, and is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit entity. The goal of Rocketship is to eradicate the accomplishment discrepancy by developing a sustainable and accessible standard school that advocates student achievement within communities that are not provided with adequate education services all over the United States.

The heart of the Rocketship’s instructional presentation is a teacher-led technique that is supported with technology and personalized learning which is made to fit individual students with the correct subject matter at the proper time using the appropriate teaching method.

By involving parents in the learning process of their students, together with the school group, Rocketship Education creates parents who convert to lifelong supporters of their children and the particular communities they come from. They serve as the forefronts in the call to create high quality public middle-schools and high- schools for their children.

Working together with parents, the various community organizations, the districts agencies, and other publicly funded schools, Rocketship’s activating a drive to get rid of the education discrepancy in our generation.

Rockectship Eduction was co-founded by Preston Smith, who is also the CEO. Rocketship Education schools can be found in Washington (District of Columbia), Wisconsin, Tennessee, and California. He started his profession as teacher, and later on became the principal in Rocketship Education California. He currently lives with his family in San Jose, California where his kids attend the Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep.