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Paul Mampilly: Author “Profits Unlimited” Newsletter

Good investment opportunities are all an investor wants. Any good investor will try as much as possible to make decisions that will make them reap from their investments. In so doing, they make sure that they conduct research that will give them an edge in the markets. The best decision one would make is to have a great investor that rewards handsomely. Investments can be a source of making money passively and should be encouraged. There are many investment opportunities available, but only those with the best knowledge about the stock markets will see them and make money from them.

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who have a solid understanding of the stock markets. He can make a correct prediction about the direction of the markets with no hassle. He has been trading the stock markets for a long time and understands what is needed to excel. With an experience of over 25 years, he is a legend in the markets and commands respect from all. Recently he has talked about the stocks to look out for in 2018. According to him, these are the stocks that offer good investment opportunities. They are stocks that can pay very well before the end of the year.Paul Mampilly has outlined the companies in the Fintech or simply financial technology as some of those that will perform very well. Financial technology is about the future of the financial transactions.

Mobile money payments are taking over from the traditional means. In his Profits Unlimited newsletter, Paul Mampilly has outlined that those investors who are looking for opportunities in the sectors of medical care, energy and finance will most likely be the winners. These are sectors that offer long term investment opportunities with quick gains in the short term. The success, however, will be dependent on the ability of the investor to make a decision based on the performance of an individual company.In the newsletter by Paul Mampilly, he has already touched on individual companies that will perform well in 2018. Subscribers of his newsletter, therefore, have the upper hand as long as investment in this year is concerned.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investor with influence in the industry. His newsletter has over 60,000 in subscriptions. This put him a leader regarding followership. He has been a hedge fund manager and the winner of the Templeton Foundation Awards.Paul Mampilly is also actively involved in creating awareness about how stock markets work. He has been mentoring students on how to invest in the stocks.

Madison Street Capital’s Success in Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital reputation as a leading investment banking company was further enhanced when ARES Security Corporation selected the firm to serve as its exclusive financial advisor in subordinated debt investment and arranging a minority equity.


Headquartered in Vienna, VA, ARES Security is a top class provider of enterprise security risk management software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the provider of minority recapitalization. The lucrative deal was publicly declared by Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital.


The transaction was spearheaded by Reginald McGaugh who is a senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital. While speaking after sealing the transaction, the director stated that he was particularly excited to work with Ben who played an instrumental role that culminated to the successful completion of the investment. He also praised the management team of ARES Security for helping the company to pick the best financing partner.


Ben acts as the president and is a shareholder of Ares Security, a firm touted as a leader in protecting world’s assets. He remarked that he was pleased to work with Madison Street Capital team, which helped them to realize the company’s capital raising objectives. He specifically asserted that the firm played a critical role in valuation analysis and identifying the appropriate financing partner.


ARES security asserted that bringing Corbel on board was the right decision in helping the company to build significant equity value. The firm further expressed hope that its partnership with Corbel would continue to grow the company’s sales and enhance its ability to explore more revenue opportunities.


Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital has grown at a fast pace to become one of the top investment banking firms offering a wide range of financial services to businesses. The company uses high caliber employees to deliver excellent services in financial advisory, business valuation, mergers and Acquisitions, financial reporting as well as financial opinions. The company’s service delivery is based on highest professional standards that include leadership, excellence and integrity. These operational values make Madison Street Capital stand out from its competitors in the financial industry.


The Chicago based privately owned firm has other offices located in North America, Asia and Africa. Madison Street Capital prides itself in possessing unique knowledge and experience in matching financing and capitalization structure to customer needs. This has greatly enhanced the firm’s position as a leader in the provision of financial advisory services to the middle market business.


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Saving Money On A Car Loan Is Easy When You Refinance With Ignition Financial

A car is something that many will need in their lifetime, whether they own one or have to make use of one. Since so many people need a car to get around, you would think that there would be better availability for financing, but credit is king when it comes time to purchase a car. Those who have good credit will be able to experience a much smoother purchasing process when they want to buy a car, but anyone who doesn’t have good credit may be put through the wringer. Although you may be paying a lot now for your car payments, have you ever thought, “how can I slash my payments?”


Getting your payments reduced can happen by refinancing your car, which can only be done if you choose to fill out the paperwork to get qualified for refinancing. You may qualify for such a low rate that it may significantly reduce what you’re paying out on a monthly basis for your car loan, so why not take the chance to see if you qualify?

If you think you’re already getting the best rate, let Ignition Financial prove that your rate can be even lower. Many don’t realize that dealers have different ways of marking up the cost of a car, even by adding onto the interest rates that a person pays, which means it will cost you more in the end. Let your credit help you to get a rate that may be extremely lower than what you’re already paying, and you’ll be able to put more money in your pocket each month, instead of paying so much money for your car.


Even those who are looking to purchase multiple cars for their business can go through Ignition Financial, who can help them get the financing for the cars that will ultimately allow the business to thrive. With just a few minutes filling out an application online, you can possibly be on your way to saving money. Your refinancing terms will be all your own, and it’s possible that you may be able to skip a month’s payment, which can help you to save even more money, especially if it’s at a time when you need it the most.