Brendolyn Marie

The Adventures Inside the Academy of Art University

If you are looking for just the right college or University to pursue your artistic path then the Academy of Art University might just be the place for you. The University is constantly on the look out for great talents, from fashion enthusiasts to graphic designers. It was created to assist those who took their talents very seriously. In due time they can become the professionals they had always dreamed to be. From all the work and passion to graduate, graduates were known to be hired by huge companies and film and gaming studios.

The Academy of Art University has been holding its annual runway showcase which captured media attention during the past month. Displaying full fledged designs of men and women’s clothing to all the world must have been a proud day for passionate students, collaborations among them. It is more than just a mere spectacle, but something to be eternally proud of for these students. Settled in San Fransisco it is a privately owned school for profit founded by Richard S. Stephens back in 1929. It has been kept alive for all of these years and generations past.

This University is unlike any other, having inspired countless young artists to follow their dreams. Art comes in many shapes and mediums, from the graphic arts to modern works. There are fashion designers and immature animators hoping to become pure professionals. The featured students at this showcase had come from different walks of life from all around the world. Not one was hindered in their path during their journey towards success. Audiences see the love and passion they place into each of their works. Fashion designers have blossomed from the classrooms and lectures of the Academy of Art University.

Students made what was best for themselves while at the same they were able to keep what they love to do close to home. This place is one of the best out there to get started. All one needs is a delicately organized portfolio of personal works in order to begin. That day will come when that offer will come.

Higher Education in a Treasured Natural Setting

The Wessex Institute of technology was established in 1986 by professor Carlos Brebbia. It is situated at Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park, which is located in the south of England.WIT’s mission to facilitate knowledge sharing between professionals and academics allows higher degree seekers ample opportunity for collaboration and publishing.Researchers and industry professionals may participate in any of WIT’s three core activity areas: Research, Conferences, and Publishing.WIT collaborates with Universities all over Western Europe, as well as a program in Brazil. It is known for its publishing arm, WITPress, and the 20-25 conferences that it holds each year.

Two awards are given out each year by WIT: The Prigogine Medal, conceived in collaboration with the University of Siena, and the George Green Award, which was co-sponsored in tribute to George Green wth the University of Mississippi in 2014.Perhaps in deference to its incredible wilderness setting, WIT publishes a large body of work regarding Eco-friendly design and preservation.