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Jake Gottlieb: From Finance To Philanthropy

Jake Gottlieb is an incredibly well-known name in the field of investment management. He has a number of high qualifications that have helped him throughout his career. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, with a major in economics studies. He has also received numerous awards for his efforts in investment banking and the work that he has done for clients coming to him from all over the country.

Before he got into the field of finance, Jake Gottlieb initially wanted to get a degree in medicine and become a doctor. To pursue this goal, he decided to join the New York University in their medical department. Soon after completing his degree in medicine, he decided to get an internship with the St. Vincent Hospital. This put all that he had learned in his education to the test, and Jacob Gottlieb was able to perform extremely well in the workplace.

Even though he studied and gained his degree in medicine, but his interest in finance never stopped. He then decided to leave the field of medicine and pursue something in finance, even though he had been working in the field of medicine and was starting to see a good amount of success in it.

His endeavors in the field of finance thereon were some of the fruitful in his life. He already had a strong passion for understanding and analyzing the stock market and found the job of a stock trader incredibly satisfying. He worked with a number of well-known names in the field and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to one day reach a high up position in the field. One of the more prominent executive positions that he took on was the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for a company known as Visium Asset Management. He earned this position in 2005.

Before working at Visium Asset, he was one of the people that founded Balyasny Asset Management, which was a company located in London that performed a number of beneficial financial trades and investments for the benefit of the clients who came to them. The company did extremely well under the management of Jacob Gottlieb, and all the people working alongside him. The company came to be incredibly reputed and well known in the field of finance, and was something that helped Jacob Gottlieb grow as a professional in the field.

In addition to working at being one of the prominent names in finance, Jacob Gottlieb also does a considerable amount of charitable work. He believes that he should contribute to the welfare of people in society in whatever way possible, and does so by regularly donating to charitable organizations that work towards various charitable organizations.

Malcolm Casselle: The Gaming Industry’s Ignition Key

OPSkins is a world-wide leader of sales for in-game simulated assets. The originators of OPSkins are developing a new blockchain platform. This platform is entitled WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX will serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading of virtual assets. This new platform is quite innovative because it solves two of the most widespread problems in the virtual asset market which are fragmentation and fraud. WAX allows users to trade virtual goods without having to separate from their game. In addition, the new platform eliminates fraud by “removing the middle man”. This process ensures that goods are delivered to buyers and that the cost of the transactions are kept low.


Malcolm Casselle is currently the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and President of Worldwide Asset Exchange. Mr. Casselle has an extensive career history which began at MIT where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He then attended Stanford University where he received his master’s degree. Malcolm is fluent in two languages: Japanese and Mandarin.


Mr. Casselle began his working career in 1995 as the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NetNoir. This company made history by becoming one of the first to create a media production website with Afrocentric culture at its core. Beginning in 1998, he served at Pacific Century CyberWorks (located in Hong Kong) as senior vice president. While in Hong Kong, Malcolm Casselle was also the director of Capital Union Investments between 2006 and 2013. His role involved managing private direct investments into web companies.


Beginning in April 2012, Malcolm Casselle became the CEO of Xfire which is a world-wide social network platform for video game enthusiasts. Less than a year later, he went on to work at MediaPass as CEO. In the same year, he co-founded his first company called Timeline Labs. During 2014, the company was bought by SeaChange International where Casselle then became Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media. It is clear that Malcolm Casselle’s sizable contributions throughout his career make him stand out as a leader and innovator.


How Todd Lubar Sees Smart Home Technology Creating Good Jobs

Innovation lies at the heart of global economic progress. Some of the biggest innovation that is going on today is the tech industry’s focus on smart home technologies. Todd Lubar, a very successful Baltimore mortgage broker, says that he sees more homeowners everyday adopting these technologies into their daily lives. He sees this industry as creating a wealth of good jobs going forward. Older jobs will be eliminated, just like each time there is a technology breakthrough, but he says those will be replaced with jobs that pay more money.

Technology has always played a role in transforming human society and today is no different, although the pace has greatly accelerated over the past few decades. The personal computer changed how people work and live in the 1980s while the 1990s saw the explosion of the internet. The 2000s were dominated by the advent of social media, and Todd Lubar says that the 2010s will be known as the decade that smart home technology changed everything.

According to Yelp, these smart home technologies is part of what is called the Internet of Things, where all sorts of technological devices will be able to interact with one another. Todd Lubar himself has installed mood lighting in his home which he can control with his phone, a technology more and more people are installing. He also talks about things like smart thermostats that will handle all the heating and cooling needs of a home without needing to be interacted with.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur in the real estate market. He has been helping people obtain mortgages for more than 25 years and is the proud owner of his own business, TDL Global Ventures. He earned his undergraduate at Syracuse University before launching his successful career in the real estate industry.

Lubar first became interested in smart home technology a few years ago. He has since learned everything he can about it, both the benefits and present limitations. He says that in addition to his lights he has also installed hardware to control his fans. He also has security cameras mounted so that he can be sure his home is safe from anywhere in the world he may be. You can follow their Instagram page.

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The Career of American Financial Professional Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and project management veteran with vast expertise in the financial and banking industry. Currently, he serves as a managing partner and the Chief Operating Officer at RPS Solutions LLC in Baltimore.

The American investor has also been an influencer who has improved other financial areas like financial plans which have found application among contractors and subcontractors in the mid-Atlantic region.

In the course of his career, Kevin has accrued valuable experience in the industry ranging from human resource information system, scheduling, staff information management as well as attendance.

Kevin’s knowledge and expertise have not only been beneficial to him alone but the general East Coast community. The community has benefited from financial skills transfer to investment advice.

According to CrunchBase, Kevin has combined a broad range of financial components incorporating team enclosure, administrative operations, and business penetration to revolutionize his services as a financier.

Kevin Seawright has been featured in several publications throughout his career. In mid-2015, he was featured in New Jersey Business Journal and PRNewswire. Since joining the team at RPS Solutions LLC, he has been featured in press releases and on morning shows like the Larry Young Morning Show.

He has also been featured in, MarketWatch, and Market Wired for his role at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright has been successful throughout his career with some of his most significant achievements being achieved during his time with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Here he was able to increase the corporation’s revenue by a substantial margin and boost employee retention improving efficiency in the workplace.

Before joining Newark CEDC, he served as the vice president and deputy chief operating officer at Baltimore City Government where he was entrusted with the management of a $134 million annual operating budget, and $600 million allocated for educational renovation projects for Baltimore schools.

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Todd Lubar Explains the Positive Things You Will Rarely Hear About Baltimore

Much more than what media headlines can capture is going on in Baltimore. The negative headlines that are most often than not aired on national media are just a fraction of the many positives that are never talked about. One positive is the ever-expanding real estate sector in the region- business is at an all-time high at the moment. Mr. Todd Lubar was recently putting everything concerning the Charm City into perspective.

The Positives in Baltimore

Todd Lubar noted that there is a higher conversion rate of ancient buildings into new and modernized apartments. He noted that investors in Baltimore are pumping resources into changing the face of the city, and that is working perfectly well for both the investors and residents. He gave a couple of examples of some of the most recent conversions such as the gym and training center that has now substituted the former Bank of America building along 10 Light Street.

With the changing face of Baltimore, the city is becoming more and more attractive to millennials. Given that life in Washington D.C is too costly for fresh graduates, Baltimore becomes the obvious choice of residence for those who want a relatively cheaper but quality life. The more the millennials stream into the Charm City, the bigger the client base for businessmen become. Over and above that, the millennials grow in their profession and start earning improved salaries. The consequence of that is that their purchasing power shoots upwards which is a sweet melody in the ears of the business community. Todd Lubar explained that these changes in Baltimore’s economy are positive but hardly talked about. For more details visit LinkedIn.

There is more to the increased population of millennials in a city according to Todd Lubar. Baltimore currently stands out as the most favorable region for start-ups to grow. He argued that the many young professionals are a valuable resource for startups due to their relatively cheap labor. The youth has a potential that upcoming entrepreneurs can tap into.

About Todd

Todd Lubar is a real estate guru who commands a wealth of experience in Baltimore’s real estate. He has a permanent place among the leading mortgage originators in the region and America as a whole.

Todd is a former student at Syracuse University. Todd once worked for Legacy Financial Group, Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and Charter Funding.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere, founder and creator of Lime Crime, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a child she popularized and sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. Doe Deere grew up in Russia, and at 17 years old moved to New York City. She grew into adulthood in NYC, and eventually became a musician, which was a childhood dream of hers. Learn more:

As a musician, she learned to appreciate her fans. The truth is they take time to come out and see you perform, and that is the most inspiring thing. She met her husband during her time as a musician. They grew as a couple during that time because they spent their time together song writing and promoting the band. The helped them both learn to work together and communicate as partners. Learn more:

Doe Deere loved wearing makeup, but noticed the lack of color in makeup. At the time, neutral colors were very popular. Doe loved colors and wanted to express that through her fashion including her makeup. So she did what she could do, and started to make her own colorful makeup. After making her own colors, she discovered many other women were longing for some makeup in those colors as well. Is is how Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere has some advise for young ambitious women. Her advise is to follow your heart. Although it may seem like there is no place for you in this lonely world, there is a place for you. Once you find that place, everything else will follow. Don’t stop being that unique human being, because there is only one you.

Lime Crime is setting social media trends with its unique colors of makeup. All the makeup Lime Crime creates is certified vegan and cruelty free by both PETA and the organization Leaping Bunny. Lime Crime has definitely set trends that other makeup company try to imitate, but just do not meet the mark. This is what sets this makeup line apart from all the others. They have a unique style of makeup that someone who is tired of the same old boring colors will be ecstatic over. Lime Crime’s motto is, if they are not obcessed with the color choice in their product, them they will not waste time and energy making that product. They want every product to have that same feeling everytine their customers wear it. They want to give their customers the opportunity to express their true selves with the Lime Crime beauty products.

Nathaniel Ru of Sweetgreen is the Young CEO who has accomplished Multiple Strides in Business

Supposing legacy restaurants were to begin from scratch, most of these brands would emulate Sweetgreen. Being a high-end salad chain restaurant supported by the input of internationally recognized investors like Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud and Steve Case, the business incorporates all the required components of the current food industry.

From healthy organic foods to fresh salads as well as a resonated diner plan across forty different locations, Sweetgreen is a leading restaurant that offers variety.


One factor that traditional restaurants must capitalize on is the leadership of the business. Behind Sweetgreen is the visionary Nathaniel Ru who states that his company is inclined on creating brands that symbolize important aspects in the society.

The chief executive officer of Sweetgreen and his team of leaders are focused on feeding more people with healthy food. In addition, conventional chains could be open to learning more about vital societal issues other than food.


As an alumnus of the Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru understands the importance of embracing technology in the current world. That is why he introduced a mobile application for dial an order through the company website. Nathaniel Ru understands the importance of utilizing technology as it is convenient and easy to use in food supply. To him, technology is in the DNA of the business. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:


In leadership, Nathaniel Ru and his two business partners are rethinking the strategies for management. With the focus to retain their clients, Sweetgreen capitalizes on restaurants compared to corporate office.

Annually, the company shuts down offices with the aim of focusing on client service. With a new office in Los Angeles, Sweetgreen operates successfully without a head office.

Entrepreneurial Networks

In networking and building entrepreneurial networks, Nathaniel Ru met his partners at Georgetown University. Neman as well as Nicolas Jammet were his schoolmates in the entrepreneurship class. It is a constructive coincidence that their parents who own businesses are first-generation immigrants.

As co-founders, the duo felt that Georgetown could use a healthy eating diner that benefitted their health. In an interview by Fortune in 2014, they stated they decided to start the restaurant business when schools closed.


Nathaniel Ru is the chief executive officer of Sweetgreen. He is trusted with the leadership of the business. His primary role in the company includes ensuring that customers are served with healthy food.

He is also in charge of overseeing critical decision making. Ru continues to guide Sweetgreen by expanding its operations.

Lori Senecal On Emerging Marketing Strategies

Marketing is all about getting attention for your product, often while using social media channels. Marketing requires an audience, which is targeted by a message that inspires the individual to buy a product. Social media companies like Facebook earn much in advertising revenue. Facebook and Google rule Internet advertising as companies that have achieved world domination in a short time. Many people choose to use ad-blocking software on Chrome that blocks out advertising that could crop up while using the Internet. Mobile phones require shorter advertising methods because of available bandwidth. Anybody can be the targeted of advertising marketing on any device, whether a computer or a smartphone.

According to Adweek, Facebook alone uses personalization in their marketing tactics. Businesses all across the board need to use Facebook to advertise and to personalize their advertisements. First and foremost, advertising must have visual appeal as one marketing tactic that is common. Lori Senecal is a Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. She is also knowledgeable about marketing as an industry. She is an international manager of 10 offices that work on global development. Ms. Senecal works on attracting more leadership opportunities for women Creative Directors. She served on the Kraft campaign of 2015 where Kraft removed artificial ingredients from its Macaroni and Cheese recipe, 50 million boxes were sold in direct opposition to the expectation that this campaign would not do so well. Visit Adweek to know more.

The Letgo campaign was a mobile app that allowed users to make TV-style videos of the things they were selling. This tool was called the Commercializer and sales resulted in 45 million downloads. In fall 2016 with the release of a basketball video game, NBA 2K which was jointly marketed with FitBit, Lori Senecal marketed both. Ms. Senecal knows quite a bit about modern marketing strategies that work in the ’10s. She also recently spoke at 3% conference.


Securus Soars With Rick Smith

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is making waves within the telecommunications industry thanks to his eye for innovation and technological advances. It is thanks to him that Securus has added a video chat feature into their services for inmates and prisons. This is considered revolutionary for that industry and many people are taking about it.

Mr. Smith came up with idea when he realized that of the inmate’s family members are unable to make a long drive up to the facility in time for the limited visitation hours. The option for video chat changes that and it gives inmates a better opportunity to visit with their families and people outside of the prison. This has led to a better outlook from the inmates and it has improved their positivity and mood. It has also proved to save the prison’s a lot of money. Additionally, is has made the prisons safer because there are less people coming in and out. Mr. Smith is constantly on the lookout for new innovative technologies, and his next project is to implement biometric technologies into their business plan. This will allow the prison to more easily identify the inmates. This will lead to better management of the inmates and allow them to more efficiently increase the number of inmates they can hold. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Rick Smith Securus has been able to expand and support over a million inmates under the leadership of. They work hard to provide their clients with the highest quality phone calls, and another one of their main focuses customer service. They provide some of the best support in the industry thanks to their extremely qualified and impressive team of professionals. Their call center is based in the United States and is known for its excellent service and patience with customers. This call center performed 600 percent better than other call centers for other companies that are not as devoted to customer service. Rick Smith has also led Securus forward and allowed them overcome their competitors in terms of technology and the services that they are able to provide.

Mr. Smith is experience in communications, management, leadership, telecommunications, and finance. His educational background is very impressive. He got his associates degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. After completing that, he was accepted into the State University of New York, Buffalo and got his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a Master’s in Engineering from the State University of NewYork and an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Mr. Smith worked with Global Crossing North America after college and was there for 26 years. During which time he was able to increase their revenue by $320 million. He then worked at Echelon Telecom for three years before becoming the President, CEO, and Chairman of Securus Technologies. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Todd Lubar: Helping People Through Smart Technology

The projected growth of the smart home market is expected to increase to over $60 billion by 2021 according to TechSci Research. Many Americans already have smart technology within their homes, such as Siri and Alexa to wirelessly program a thermostat or lock a door. As the demand for home smart technology grows, home development companies and entrepreneurs are seeing opportunity for technology investment.

One of the leading home builders offering the latest home technology is Quadrant Homes. In Bellevue, Washington, Quadrant Homes gives home buyers different packages of technology features that include nest thermostats, motion-detecting doorbells and Caseta Wireless smart lighting. While many features included in the packages are for everyday use, entrepreneurs are finding challenges related with certain features of smart technology. Such features as smart floors that detect falls are ideal for the specific target population of senior citizens.

But research has shown that seniors are less likely to purchase smart floors because they are worried about privacy and security issues. Security is a common concern among all age groups according to the latest research, hindering smart technology purchases. As technology advances, so does the threat of cyber-attacks on smart home technology. Entrepreneurs in the smart home technology industry view security as a top priority and work to convince consumers that their security won’t be compromised. Visit Inspirery for the details.

Seeing the potential of smart home technology, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Lubar is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. While Todd Lubar’s focus has been mortgage banking, he has owned companies in the demolition, recycling, night club and real estate industries. Before helping individuals in need at TDL Global Ventures, LLC, Lubar worked at Legacy Financial group where he grew the Maryland office to over $100 million each year in loan volume.

Earning a B.A. in speech communication from Syracuse University helped Todd Lubar to succeed in a variety of industries and different positions. After graduation, he held positions at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and being the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. For many years Lubar’s been ranked one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. With vast knowledge and experience in multiple industries, Todd Lubar continues to grow as a leading entrepreneur.

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