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Dr. Mark Mofid Takes Care in Shaping A Boutique Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Mark Mofid, MD, FACS, is known for his expertise in gluteal augmentation (also known as butt lifts), but he is also recognized for leading research on mortality from gluteal fat grafting. Butt lifts first gained popularity in Brazil and have since taken off in North America, however, Dr. Mark Mofid and other plastic surgeons caution that there are risks involved in the procedure that need to be fully addressed.

Together with other renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Mark Mofid published a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in April 2017 that looked at the risks of gluteal augmentation and provided recommendations to make it safer. One of the ways that gluteal augmentation can be made safer, Dr. Mofid advises, is to avoid fat injections into the deep muscles of the buttocks, which carries more risk of complications. Dr. Mofid designed an implant that can be positioned easily between muscles, which also makes for a more precise procedure. He also refuses to place implants that are too large, even when patients ask; for Dr. Mofid, the safety of his patients is always his top concern.

Dr. Mark Mofid doesn’t just exercise care in his surgeries; he also extends the same care to his practice. In an interview with Medical Spa MD, a community of plastic surgeons that work in nonsurgical cosmetic medicine, Dr. Mark Mofid describes the care he takes in shaping his boutique plastic surgery practice.

The office staff is small; Mark Mofid works with his wife – a skilled dermatologist – and a nurse, as well as four full-time office staff and two surgical technologists. In order to hire administrative assistants, he and his office conduct rigorous searches to find the best individuals who will be the front face of the office. Dr. Mofid notes that many of the people who were previous administrative assistants in his office have gone on to work for some of the best companies in plastic surgery/dermatology.

Dr. Mofid graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in the early 1990s. He went on to complete his medical training at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His attention to detail with each patient, taking into consideration their unique body shapes and needs, has generated many loyal and satisfied clients.

Micheal Thoreau Lacey

Micheal Thoreau Lacey is an exceptional mathematician. Having mastered several complex subsets of the field, Lacey is nothing short of a master of his craft. Born September 26, 1959, Lacey has spent the better part of his professional career improving his understanding of all things math.

Furthermore, Lacey is an individual completed devoted to the sciences and their betterment. Lacey strives to create a positive, welcoming atmosphere for both his contemporaries and his students.

A role model by any measure, Lacey is a credit to the mathematics community. An experienced professional and quality individual, Lacey’s credentials go much further than his work. Capable of grasping and mastering any topic he is handed, Lacey is among the finest working mathematicians. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Lacey has an extremely long list of accomplishments to his name. A master of several fields, Lacey is extremely well-rounded in his craft. Moreover, Lacey has undergone comprehensive research efforts into a number high-value topics. These include, but are not limited to Banach Spaces, Ergodic Theory, and even Harmonic analysis, a notoriously difficult area of study.

All of these and much more are no stranger to Lacey’s brilliance. Where others see roadblocks and impossibility, Lacey sees opportunity and a challenge. Very few have such a comprehensive understanding of so many topics. Lacy’s work in subsets of mathematics has had an enormous impact on the field as a whole.

Lacey has taken part in several large research efforts as well. First, Lacey began his career by undergoing a study of the Central Limit Theorem for Louisiana State University. It was an effort that was met with great success, in large part due to Lacey’s contributions. Second, Lacey, in conjunction with Indiana University, began a study of the illusive Hibert transform, a mysterious and complex area of mathematics.

This too was met with great success and helped a great deal in establishing Lacey’s credibility with the greater community of mathematicians.

As time moves forward, Lacey shows no signs of slowing down. Having settled in a comfortable position as an educator, Lacey has turned his attention on cultivating a new generation of similarly excellent mathematicians.

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Fabletics: Facing Off Against Amazon

As many companies have struggled to succeed against retailing behemoth Amazon, Fabletics has thrived. The subscription-based athleisure brand grew to a $250 million business in just three years.


There are a number of things that have helped Fabletics succeed. The brand is a bit aspirational and offers the convenience of membership. It does not content itself by defining itself with price and quality of its products but goes beyond that with an intense focus on the customer experience.


While other retailers have been closing, Fabletics has been adding more physical stores. This is part of its strategy of creating a re-imagined version of the “high-value brand.” Its membership model allows it to be hyper-focused on personalized service. For the brand, it is all about knowing the customer.


Several things set Fabletics’ physical stores apart from others. For instance, the brand encourages “reverse showrooming.” While other retailers suffering due to people browsing offline but buying online, Fabletics has flipped the script. When customers walk into Fabletics’ physical locations, they are often already members. Those who aren’t often become members while at the store. Fabletics’ adds each item that a customer tries on in the store to that customer’s online shopping cart.


Fabletics understands the importance of showing the right content both online and offline. It uses online local data to help determine what its physical stores will stock. This is determined by things such as social media sentiment and membership preferences for local members. It seeks to combine global fashion trends with individual user preference data.


Fabletics balances lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education. This is combined with an authentic spokeswoman and strong in-house media and creative teams that use data science to make it relevant across 10 countries.


It has succeeded, because it understands the modern consumer. Fabletics combines a whole array of tools in order to create a perfect individualized experience.


In a shift from her role in “Almost Famous,” Kate Hudson is a partner in the brand. The founders immediately thought of her when they were launching Fabletics in 2013, because she embodies what the brand represents. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she leads an active lifestyle. She seems like she actually uses the products, which is different from many celebrity endorsements.


The brand has crafted itself for women across the spectrum. Which Fabletics’ gear is right for you? Find out by taking the Lifestyle Quiz.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wasilewski is an American actor, director, and producer now going by the name Paul Wesley. He was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey to Polish parents. He spent most of his childhood in Poland and was able to learn polish, many of his relatives still live there. He left Rutgers University after he realized he could make a career in acting.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley has appeared in various films throughout the years. He became famous in the supernatural TV show Vampire Diaries after starring in 8 seasons, directing the series at its fifth season and producing it at its eighth season. He also appeared in William Francis Hoffman’s Cal in Camo playing the character, Flynt. Flynt was trying to get over the death of his wife by taking time off with his sister and her husband. The play is all about characters who are lost trying to find themselves.

Before I disappear, an Indie drama, tells the story of a man at his lowest point in life, who gets a call from his prodigal sister, asking him to take care of her 11-year-old child, for a few hours. Paul Wesley declared how happy he is over how the film is getting a positive response. The film won an Oscar awards after Paul Wesley stretched it from a small film into a full-length feature.

Paul Wesley

In Amira and Sam, Paul Wesley acts alongside Dina Shibabi and Martin Starr. The film is about Sam, an army guy trying to get used to civilian life. He’s niece refuses to relate with him; she didn’t even want to relate to any other army person too. The authorities threatened to chase her out the country; she has no choice but to take refuge at Sam’s place. Paul Wesley juggles this film alongside the CW series The Vampire Diaries; This is the first time he’s working with Shibabi.

Paul Wesley

After the final season of Vampire Diaries in its eighth season we can’t help but wonder, what’s next for Paul Wesley? So this year Paul Wesley is expected to release a movie called Convergence. Convergence is a sci-fi movie starring Paul Wesley but yet to announce who else he’ll be working with. Paul Wesley will be starring in an Off-Broadway production of Frankenstein this year. The production is to be directed by Donald Sanders who will run from December 21st to January 7th with opening night on December 27.

Paul Wesley

Stunning reviews emgering out of clients who work with NewsWatch TV

The U.S. TV series is a visual gold mine in terms of reaching billions of audiences across the globe. Massive networks and broadcasting avenues listed are AMC, ION, DirecTV, and Dish Network, included in this amazing list is independent organized stations and high traffic social media websites. Therefore, with distribution at those levels nestled in with chosen content that is a formula for success. Moreover, there a numerous reviews and testimonials on the NewsWatch TV website providing outstanding remarks regarding what this series has demonstrated for each company. For example, an app marketer stated, “They actually IMPROVED our way of marketing ourselves by describing our service BETTER than we ever have” following was 5 stars filled to the top with yellow.

Is NewsWatch TV Legit? A Review of NewsWatch TV

This testimonial of a happy customer smoothly conveys just how powerful broadcasted content attracts customers. Tori Pugliese, marketing director for Steel Series, expressed her gratitude for what NewsWatch TV provided the company with in a video interview. She shared a notable attribute to the series, she explains how the team understands PR projects fully, and they promote the message in a way that consumers understand in their own language.

Dozens of companies from the fortune 500 list to startup business projects, NewsWatch TV provides influential content that captivates targeted audiences. The world of business is a diverse, alternating roller-coaster of marketing. Although the business life can be a bit shaky at times, this team delivers all needs asked of and much more. This U.S. TV series is jam-packed with knowledge, leading stories across the entire board of headlines all in one place.

The facts and real customer reviews unveil how valuable it is to have this team on your side. The work promoted will show consumer levels rising to new heights. The audience will feel heard,noticed,and valued,thus the consumer will be around for the long run. NewsWatch TV gifts each partnership with professionalism,creativity and content bursting with flavor.


Chasing Greatness: Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is one of the most inspiring and sought-after schools in the U.S. Founded in the early 1920s by a painter named Richard Spencer, this school has built a rock-solid reputation as well as built a resume of success. Even though it’s a school for the arts, Academy of Art University is similar to other universities in the country. It has team sports, student organizations and special school events.

The Academy of Advertising Art and The Academy of Art College was two of the school’s previous names. This school has more accomplishments than it can count. In 2007, it received regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. Academy of Art University is also an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design.


Fashion, fashion and more fashion. This extraordinary institution is an exclusive member of the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Fashion designers, industry-insiders, and celebrities are always in full-attendance here and last year’s New York Fashion Week was no exception. Of course, Academy of Art University shined bright as it put on an exquisite show. Some of the school’s graduates got a chance to display their stuff in front of a packed house at New York’s Skylight Clarkson Square. “America’s Next Top Model,” Ms. J. Alexander, was in attendance. The school was represented by 10 MFA and BFA graduates. This includes designers Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam and others.


For 2017, Academy of Art University stole the show at the 89th Annual Academy Awards. The school’s alumni was honored thanks to their brilliant work in movies such as Sully, Trolls, Deepwater Horizon, The Jungle Book, Hacksaw Ridge and Doctor Strange. In the end, if you have a passion for your craft, then you should definitely consider this remarkable school.


Jake Gottlieb: From Finance To Philanthropy

Jake Gottlieb is an incredibly well-known name in the field of investment management. He has a number of high qualifications that have helped him throughout his career. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, with a major in economics studies. He has also received numerous awards for his efforts in investment banking and the work that he has done for clients coming to him from all over the country.

Before he got into the field of finance, Jake Gottlieb initially wanted to get a degree in medicine and become a doctor. To pursue this goal, he decided to join the New York University in their medical department. Soon after completing his degree in medicine, he decided to get an internship with the St. Vincent Hospital. This put all that he had learned in his education to the test, and Jacob Gottlieb was able to perform extremely well in the workplace.

Even though he studied and gained his degree in medicine, but his interest in finance never stopped. He then decided to leave the field of medicine and pursue something in finance, even though he had been working in the field of medicine and was starting to see a good amount of success in it.

His endeavors in the field of finance thereon were some of the fruitful in his life. He already had a strong passion for understanding and analyzing the stock market and found the job of a stock trader incredibly satisfying. He worked with a number of well-known names in the field and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to one day reach a high up position in the field. One of the more prominent executive positions that he took on was the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for a company known as Visium Asset Management. He earned this position in 2005.

Before working at Visium Asset, he was one of the people that founded Balyasny Asset Management, which was a company located in London that performed a number of beneficial financial trades and investments for the benefit of the clients who came to them. The company did extremely well under the management of Jacob Gottlieb, and all the people working alongside him. The company came to be incredibly reputed and well known in the field of finance, and was something that helped Jacob Gottlieb grow as a professional in the field.

In addition to working at being one of the prominent names in finance, Jacob Gottlieb also does a considerable amount of charitable work. He believes that he should contribute to the welfare of people in society in whatever way possible, and does so by regularly donating to charitable organizations that work towards various charitable organizations.

Malcolm Casselle: The Gaming Industry’s Ignition Key

OPSkins is a world-wide leader of sales for in-game simulated assets. The originators of OPSkins are developing a new blockchain platform. This platform is entitled WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX will serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading of virtual assets. This new platform is quite innovative because it solves two of the most widespread problems in the virtual asset market which are fragmentation and fraud. WAX allows users to trade virtual goods without having to separate from their game. In addition, the new platform eliminates fraud by “removing the middle man”. This process ensures that goods are delivered to buyers and that the cost of the transactions are kept low.


Malcolm Casselle is currently the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and President of Worldwide Asset Exchange. Mr. Casselle has an extensive career history which began at MIT where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He then attended Stanford University where he received his master’s degree. Malcolm is fluent in two languages: Japanese and Mandarin.


Mr. Casselle began his working career in 1995 as the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NetNoir. This company made history by becoming one of the first to create a media production website with Afrocentric culture at its core. Beginning in 1998, he served at Pacific Century CyberWorks (located in Hong Kong) as senior vice president. While in Hong Kong, Malcolm Casselle was also the director of Capital Union Investments between 2006 and 2013. His role involved managing private direct investments into web companies.


Beginning in April 2012, Malcolm Casselle became the CEO of Xfire which is a world-wide social network platform for video game enthusiasts. Less than a year later, he went on to work at MediaPass as CEO. In the same year, he co-founded his first company called Timeline Labs. During 2014, the company was bought by SeaChange International where Casselle then became Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media. It is clear that Malcolm Casselle’s sizable contributions throughout his career make him stand out as a leader and innovator.


How Todd Lubar Sees Smart Home Technology Creating Good Jobs

Innovation lies at the heart of global economic progress. Some of the biggest innovation that is going on today is the tech industry’s focus on smart home technologies. Todd Lubar, a very successful Baltimore mortgage broker, says that he sees more homeowners everyday adopting these technologies into their daily lives. He sees this industry as creating a wealth of good jobs going forward. Older jobs will be eliminated, just like each time there is a technology breakthrough, but he says those will be replaced with jobs that pay more money.

Technology has always played a role in transforming human society and today is no different, although the pace has greatly accelerated over the past few decades. The personal computer changed how people work and live in the 1980s while the 1990s saw the explosion of the internet. The 2000s were dominated by the advent of social media, and Todd Lubar says that the 2010s will be known as the decade that smart home technology changed everything.

According to Yelp, these smart home technologies is part of what is called the Internet of Things, where all sorts of technological devices will be able to interact with one another. Todd Lubar himself has installed mood lighting in his home which he can control with his phone, a technology more and more people are installing. He also talks about things like smart thermostats that will handle all the heating and cooling needs of a home without needing to be interacted with.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur in the real estate market. He has been helping people obtain mortgages for more than 25 years and is the proud owner of his own business, TDL Global Ventures. He earned his undergraduate at Syracuse University before launching his successful career in the real estate industry.

Lubar first became interested in smart home technology a few years ago. He has since learned everything he can about it, both the benefits and present limitations. He says that in addition to his lights he has also installed hardware to control his fans. He also has security cameras mounted so that he can be sure his home is safe from anywhere in the world he may be. You can follow their Instagram page.

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How Betsy DeVos is Changing the Department of Education.

There is a dynamic shift going on at the highest levels of the United States government. The meteoric rise of Donald Trump coupled with his penchant for belaying all ‘establishment practices’ has put the political world on notice. President Trump is here to drain the swamp and he’s going to make sure that he does it his way. One of the key factors of Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican primary nomination, leading directly to his Presidential victory in 2016, was his willingness to fight for people that wouldn’t have otherwise had a defender. In order to continue this good fight, Trump is turning to his administration and staffing his team with political outsiders that come with their own unique qualities.


Today’s focus is going to be on Betsy DeVos, the recently nominated and confirmed Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos comes to the Trump Administration with as much prior political experience as Donald Trump himself which is to say, little to none. Still, that does not mean that Betsy DeVos is unprepared or even unqualified. Instead, DeVos is someone with a fresh set of eyes for a department that has been plagued with issues ever since it was first created. Some people will be familiar with Betsy DeVos, particularly those that reside in Michigan, but more than likely she’ll be a relative surprise to everyone on a national level. So why did President Trump peg her as his Secretary of Education?


The biggest reason why Betsy DeVos was brought into the Department of Education was simple: she has spent her entire career fighting to reform education. DeVos took the works of Milton Friedman, which focused on the separation of the government from education, and she helped to make them popular and applicable once again. DeVos has spent the better part of the past thirty years working to make school choice a national issue and she has, thus far, been wildly successful. School choice programs now exist in 17 states, spread across 33 institutions, all while housing a quarter of a million students. With DeVos in the Trump Administration, she’ll have more power to potentially widen the school choice movement than ever before.


With all of that being said, DeVos does have an uphill battle to climb as she heads to Washington D.C. For one, DeVos is a stone-cold outsider. Despite coming from a family dynasty, DeVos has not spent much time in Washington D.C. at all. As a result, DeVos will be challenged by career politicians pretty much every step of the way. DeVos seems to be up for the task, at least if you believe the words of Mike Cox — a former state attorney general and a prominent Republican. Cox called DeVos a ‘fighter’ and described her as both ‘steely’ and ‘determined’ when pursuing something that she believes in. Betsy DeVos will have to harden those characteristics as she pushes to make a difference in Washington D.C. as well as the Department of Education. Learn more: