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How Securus Integrates Justice By Containing Illegal Prison Communications.

For a long time, the correctional authorities have succeeded partially in keeping Americans safe. However, they have often failed miserably in reforming some convicts who remain adamantly opposed to change and hell-bent on advancing their criminal agenda. Unfortunately, those failures to reform make such inmates potentially dangerous to fellow inmates, prison officials and the outside world.


The Danger Lurks

Most prisoners get convicted with some, but not all, of their accomplices. Some remain at large and often separated from their incarcerated leadership and mentorship. For convicts who detest the idea of turning a new leaf, prisons become crime training and networking centers. All they ever need to do is access open and unregulated communications with other prisoners and the outside world. A convicted criminal, with the right motivation, can coordinate and orchestrate the most atrocious crimes against the society through organizing

  • Murder within and outside of prisons
  • Drug trafficking inside and outside prisons
  • Mob activities


Whereas communication with the outside world is the most powerful weapon that the authorities can allow inmates to wield against them, it is inhuman not to. Prisoners and their loved ones need to communicate as frequently as possible for a more integrated, prosperous and harmonious America. However, because of the potential dangers that such a freedom poses, prison officials often limit communication to nearly oppressing inmates and their loved ones.


However, with the intervention of cutting-edge technology companies like Securus, a balance was achieved. Securus Technologies is a company that provides exceptionally effective and affordable solutions for public safety through prisons communications, investigations and monitoring. It services inmates, their loved ones and correctional authorities by seamlessly combining their legal interests. It also combats their illegal intentions via correspondence control.

For inmates, Securus Technologies provides self-service communication platforms that allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones, legal business associations and lawyers. Since Securus Technologies upholds the integrity of those platforms, they are allowed to run them on a 24-hour basis. The communications are, however, always screened and audited to block out and report any criminal correspondence.

For the correctional authorities, Securus Technologies provides very many affordable and highly effective security products. Securus installs and manages automated security locks and monitoring cameras. Furthermore, Securus renders all contraband phones within prisons ineffective. It masks the cyberspace surrounding prisons with thick network barriers that cut off all contraband phones off from regular mobile networks. The technology is so effective that some prison officials no longer bother to gnash their teeth over the robustly technical contraband phone smuggling channels that include drones dropping phones in prison yards.

How the Philly Purge Feels About Omar Boraie

In an article that was recently published on the Philly Purge, the publication talks about everything Omar Boraie has done for the New Brunswick community. In addition to the things he does as a community partner, he has actually done different things to try and make the business better. He does what he can to improve the city and has recently created a development in the city. The Purge talked about how that is now the most sought-after living space in all of New Brunswick. It was the first time a luxury living complex was put into the city and it gave Omar Boraie the motivation he needed to keep going.

Since the first complex sold out almost as soon as he had finished working on it, Omar Boraie knew he couldn’t stop there. He was going to use Boraie Development to keep making different things. He wanted to turn New Brunswick into a place where people ran to instead of ran from. Because Omar Boraie knew what it took to do this, he felt confident he would be able to make all the right choices that came with the business. He also felt the city would benefit from everything he had to offer through his company.

While Omar Boraie has done the best to improve the city, it has paid off, reports He knew what it would take to bring these changes to people who were in the city. He also knew things would only get better if he kept using more things to make the city the best it could be. By taking risks and making the right type of judgments on the buildings he was purchasing, Omar Boraie was setting himself up for success. He wanted to make the city the best it could be so he did that in every way.

Rutgers Magazine describes Omar Boraie as a true visionary. He knows a lot about different things so he can show people what they will be able to get from the different situations they are in. He saw the way New Brunswick could look in the future and used that while he was creating the development. Some people thought he was crazy, but the smart ones knew he was an actual visionary. He used the ideas he had in his head to try and make things easier for people to understand and made it a better city for everyone who lived there.

The Frontera Fund is the Extra Push that Immigrants Need to Achieve Rights

We in the United States of America are currently experiencing a revolution in civil rights. One area that is receiving the attention it deserves is immigrant rights.

For centuries, America has been a beacon of hope to those who desire a better life and are willing to work hard to achieve it. Some, however, would bar them from this great country that has turned folks from vagabonds to near kings.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have committed themselves to opening the border so that immigrants can become prosperous in this great country. Their values have put them up against significant opposition, however.

One man who has opposed Lacey and Larkin is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. His opposition came about once Lacey and Larkin discovered several shady things that he was doing. Through investigation, they uncovered several unsettling truths about Sheriff Arpaio.

It would seem that Arpaio had stacked the police force with those who were racially biased against Latinos, had encouraged his men to bring in any person who remotely looked like an illegal immigrant, placed them in cells that had routinely failed health inspections, and denied them a right to a lawyer. Arpaio’s philosophy was that they were guilty until they were proven innocent.

Once Lacey and Larkin discovered this horrible reality, they made it public through the Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. When Arpaio heard this occurred, he decided to get revenge.

He gathered his thugs and piled them into unmarked SUVs and headed the Phoenix area homes of these two men where he would illegally enter their homes and remove them under the cover of darkness. However quiet Arpaio wanted to make this, it blew up into national news.

Within twenty four hours, the story that a fascist sheriff and illegally detained two men spread like wild fire through the country and Arpaio was forced to let them go. This would be a blessing for Lacey and Larkin.

Michael and Jim would go on to sue the Maricopa County and win a settlement of $3.75 million. This settlement would be used to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This Fund supports groups that advocate for civil and human rights.

Each group they support must be an advocate for free speech and civic participation. Many of the groups assisted have operations based in Arizona that are focused on fully opening up the Mexican border.

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How Bernardo Chao Found Great Success In The Direct Selling Industry

Bernardo Chua is a highly successful businessman from the Philippines. He has worked in the multi-level marketing industry since 1999. In that year he co-founded Gano Excel Philippines and served as the companies general manager. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

His company sold tea in the Philippines that contained a nutritious mushroom called Ganoderma. This mushroom is used throughout Asia as it contains many health benefits. The company was very successful and soon it expanded internationally.

Building on his success in Asia, Chua emigrated to the United States, settling in California. He established the American wing of his company, calling it Gano Excel USA. He led this company for five years until the business closed down in 2008 for a variety of reasons.

In 2008, Bernardo moved to Richmond, BC in Canada. He co-founded Organo Gold in that same year with a business partner, Shane Morand. Chau oversees the company as its Chief Executive Officer. His new company sells premium coffees and teas that once again include Ganoderma as an ingredient in them. His products are sold through independent contractors around the world in many different countries. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold and Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

Over the course of his career Bernardo Chau and the companies he has run have won many awards. Some of the biggest occurred in 2015 when he and some of his team flew to the Philippines to Dangal ng Bayan awards that had been given to Organo Gold and Bernardo himself.

These awards recognize those business leaders and brands from the Philippines that have achieved international acclaim. Chua won a Dangal ng Bayan for his work as did two members of his team at Organo Gold. Additionally, two People’s Choice Awards were given to the Organo Gold brand itself.

Bernardo Chua and the companies have run have also won Direct Sales Company of the Year awards on several occasions over the years. His brands have also won the National Shoppers Choice Award in the food supplements category.

As his company continues to expand Chua and the team at Organo Gold will no doubt continue to win awards in their industry in the future.

Karl Heideck explain the new salary law in Philadelphia

Karl Heideck, an attorney from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has written extensively on the effects of the salary law passed prohibiting employers from accessing the salaries history of their employees. It is his writings that will guide us in this article. He has provided insight on some of the challenges that are already being felt after passing the bill. The legislation came to effect in January 2017. This legislation made Philadelphia the first municipality in the United States to bar employers from accessing information about the potential employees’ salaries history.

At its initial stages, the law was aggressively opposed by many employers who viewed it as an illegitimate measure meant to limit the information that an employer should have before hiring a new employee. On the contrary, supporters of the legislation, most of them workers’ rights advocates, argued that it was necessary to have the legislation passed since they would create transparency in the process of hiring new workers. According to them, the move would benefit mostly the marginalized groups.

According to the document by Karl Heideck, the legislation had other advantages. It was meant to close the gap that existed between males and females wages. According to him, men have always been paid better than women for the same position. Women often receive a lower pay whenever they are bidding for pay in a new working position. For men, history has it that they start with higher salaries when they join new institutions. It is more likely for a man to get a higher starting salary than a woman.

The legislators in the Philadelphia municipality were taking action against this culture by ensuring that no one would know what a potential employee earned earlier. This would remove the discrimination that existed between potential men and women employees. In the history of many organizations, the revelation of ones previous salaries was a must, otherwise, failure to reveal would make it very difficult for one to be employed.

Karl Heideck is a graduate of James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. Karl has been part of major legal developments happening in Philadelphia. He runs a blog through which he informs and educates people on various changes that happen especially in business law that would need the people to comply. Karl Heideck is a prominent lawyer in Phil and is regularly hired by business organizations to represent them in cases of business litigation.

Karl Heideck has studied in other institutions such as the Swarthmore College.

The Adventures Inside the Academy of Art University

If you are looking for just the right college or University to pursue your artistic path then the Academy of Art University might just be the place for you. The University is constantly on the look out for great talents, from fashion enthusiasts to graphic designers. It was created to assist those who took their talents very seriously. In due time they can become the professionals they had always dreamed to be. From all the work and passion to graduate, graduates were known to be hired by huge companies and film and gaming studios.

The Academy of Art University has been holding its annual runway showcase which captured media attention during the past month. Displaying full fledged designs of men and women’s clothing to all the world must have been a proud day for passionate students, collaborations among them. It is more than just a mere spectacle, but something to be eternally proud of for these students. Settled in San Fransisco it is a privately owned school for profit founded by Richard S. Stephens back in 1929. It has been kept alive for all of these years and generations past.

This University is unlike any other, having inspired countless young artists to follow their dreams. Art comes in many shapes and mediums, from the graphic arts to modern works. There are fashion designers and immature animators hoping to become pure professionals. The featured students at this showcase had come from different walks of life from all around the world. Not one was hindered in their path during their journey towards success. Audiences see the love and passion they place into each of their works. Fashion designers have blossomed from the classrooms and lectures of the Academy of Art University.

Students made what was best for themselves while at the same they were able to keep what they love to do close to home. This place is one of the best out there to get started. All one needs is a delicately organized portfolio of personal works in order to begin. That day will come when that offer will come.

The Career of American Financial Professional Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and project management veteran with vast expertise in the financial and banking industry. Currently, he serves as a managing partner and the Chief Operating Officer at RPS Solutions LLC in Baltimore.

The American investor has also been an influencer who has improved other financial areas like financial plans which have found application among contractors and subcontractors in the mid-Atlantic region.

In the course of his career, Kevin has accrued valuable experience in the industry ranging from human resource information system, scheduling, staff information management as well as attendance.

Kevin’s knowledge and expertise have not only been beneficial to him alone but the general East Coast community. The community has benefited from financial skills transfer to investment advice.

According to CrunchBase, Kevin has combined a broad range of financial components incorporating team enclosure, administrative operations, and business penetration to revolutionize his services as a financier.

Kevin Seawright has been featured in several publications throughout his career. In mid-2015, he was featured in New Jersey Business Journal and PRNewswire. Since joining the team at RPS Solutions LLC, he has been featured in press releases and on morning shows like the Larry Young Morning Show.

He has also been featured in, MarketWatch, and Market Wired for his role at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright has been successful throughout his career with some of his most significant achievements being achieved during his time with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Here he was able to increase the corporation’s revenue by a substantial margin and boost employee retention improving efficiency in the workplace.

Before joining Newark CEDC, he served as the vice president and deputy chief operating officer at Baltimore City Government where he was entrusted with the management of a $134 million annual operating budget, and $600 million allocated for educational renovation projects for Baltimore schools.

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Litigator Karl Heideck Explains Pennsylvania’s New Seatbelt Laws

As a litigator in the state of Pennsylvania, Karl Heideck often writes articles about laws and other legal matters. One that he addressed recently was Pennsylvania’s latest car seat laws. The Commonwealth has recently passed a number of laws that were put in place to protect children while they are being transported in vehicles. One of the main causes of death of small children and infants is car accidents, according to research conducted by AAA, making this an important area.

On August 12, 2016, Karl Heideck says that Pennsylvania’s latest law went into effect. According to the law, he says, all children under age 2 have to be in a car seat that is suitable for them. It also must face the rear of the car until the child is 24 months old. If you are caught not following the law the fine $125. Booster seats have to be used by children 8 and younger until they are at least 4’9″ and 80 lbs. The fine for not following this is $75.

Karl Heideck earned his degree in the law at the Beasley School of Law – Temple University. He graduated from their law program with honors in 2009. During his career, Heideck has specialized in commercial litigation. He also focuses on intellectual property, employment, and corporate law. He has been in practice in the Philadelphia area for his entire professional career.

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Over the years, Karl Heideck has used his expertise in a number of securities fraud and banking litigation cases that were very complicated to sort out. Other areas of the law he has worked on include corporate proceedings and cases involving product liability which have harmed consumers.

Karl Heideck was a litigator during the 2008 recession which greatly affected the financial and real estate industries. During this time he had cases that involved these industries such as in risk management, meeting liquidity requirements, and firms acquiring other ones.

Helping him write articles about legal matters, Karl Heideck holds a degree in English. This helps him inform his readers about things that can sometimes be quite complicated and so difficult to explain to those not familiar with the law. His articles appear in a variety of publications such as Philadelphia newspapers and others as well.

Todd Lubar Explains the Positive Things You Will Rarely Hear About Baltimore

Much more than what media headlines can capture is going on in Baltimore. The negative headlines that are most often than not aired on national media are just a fraction of the many positives that are never talked about. One positive is the ever-expanding real estate sector in the region- business is at an all-time high at the moment. Mr. Todd Lubar was recently putting everything concerning the Charm City into perspective.

The Positives in Baltimore

Todd Lubar noted that there is a higher conversion rate of ancient buildings into new and modernized apartments. He noted that investors in Baltimore are pumping resources into changing the face of the city, and that is working perfectly well for both the investors and residents. He gave a couple of examples of some of the most recent conversions such as the gym and training center that has now substituted the former Bank of America building along 10 Light Street.

With the changing face of Baltimore, the city is becoming more and more attractive to millennials. Given that life in Washington D.C is too costly for fresh graduates, Baltimore becomes the obvious choice of residence for those who want a relatively cheaper but quality life. The more the millennials stream into the Charm City, the bigger the client base for businessmen become. Over and above that, the millennials grow in their profession and start earning improved salaries. The consequence of that is that their purchasing power shoots upwards which is a sweet melody in the ears of the business community. Todd Lubar explained that these changes in Baltimore’s economy are positive but hardly talked about. For more details visit LinkedIn.

There is more to the increased population of millennials in a city according to Todd Lubar. Baltimore currently stands out as the most favorable region for start-ups to grow. He argued that the many young professionals are a valuable resource for startups due to their relatively cheap labor. The youth has a potential that upcoming entrepreneurs can tap into.

About Todd

Todd Lubar is a real estate guru who commands a wealth of experience in Baltimore’s real estate. He has a permanent place among the leading mortgage originators in the region and America as a whole.

Todd is a former student at Syracuse University. Todd once worked for Legacy Financial Group, Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and Charter Funding.

Putting Your Gold Where Your Mouth Is

Since 2001, people who wanted to create a winning combination of excellent customer service, market knowledge expertise, and well-informed guidance started the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve sends out gold, silver, and platinum coins, into the American economy.

It is now possible to reinforce your financial assets using U.S. gold and silver coins bought from the U.S. Money Reserve. People who work for the U.S. Reserve are into numismatics or the collection of coins and currency. Clients generally are guided into choosing coins of the highest value, which gives them an advantageous position in their professional life.

In light of Hurricane Harvey, the U.S. Money Reserve is serving the needs of immediate financial assistance, emergency housing, transportation, and emotional as well as spiritual care. Buying gold can enhance your existing wealth. There is immense potential in the use of gold, silver, and platinum. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

The price of gold could become quite high which would make it a useful metal to have around. Gold has represented wealth for a very large part of human history. Gold out performs every other type of currency. When stocks go down, gold goes up higher than stocks can be analyzed.

Gold can provide safety from various economic disasters and upheavals. Physical gold is something that can be stockpiled, or sold as a resource for various reasons, being easy to trade around the world. PR Newswire states that the U.S. Money Reserve has organized relief funds for Hurricane Harvey survivors. U.S. Money Reserve provides great customer service as an industry standard in addition to organizing relief funds.

The U.S. Money Reserve is based out of Austin, Texas and has recently published an eBook titled 2017 War Of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. They are also marketing Gold American Eagle coins to customers who feel a heightened need to invest in gold.

Gold prices have been noted to rise during times of social unrest, economic turmoil and uncertainty in general. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The types of knowledgeable professionals available to you as a U.S. Money Reserve customer include the following: Senior Gold Specialists, Industry Leading Numismatic Expert, Customer Relations Department, Business Support Development. Other titles include: Inventory Department, Vault and Shipping Department, Coin Research Professionals, Sales Verification Personnel, as well as the Compliance and Standards Department. The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and today remains one of the world’s largest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government-issued gold.